Chris Pratt reveals hilarious story about his broke days as a waiter


If you’ve ever worked in restaurants, you know that waiting tables can be tough work. 

However, a fringe benefit of the job is the possibility of free food — a scrap from a kind chef, or, if you’re really hungry/desperate/dismissive of standard hygiene procedures, a customer’s partially eaten leftovers. 

Before he made it big, Chris Pratt worked in the restaurant service industry and it turns out he had quite a few tricks for getting fed on the job. 

The Passengers actor recounts on The Graham Norton Show one incident in particular involving a 32 oz. steak, an elderly woman, and a Pomeranian.  Read more…

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Please enjoy this endless hallway decorated with Jake Gyllenhaal’s face


Nothing to see here, just Jake Gyllenhaal’s face forever and ever. 

The actor’s rugged good looks now adorn the walls of a virtual GyllenHall on an endless loop soundtracked by his famous line from Brokeback Mountain, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” So just try closing the tab without feeling like a monster. 

The website is the terrifying and beautiful creation of Paul Feldmann and Zack Johnson. 

There are plenty of Jakes to choose from, should you prefer the hunk fresh faced, poking out of a cozy turtleneck or with a full beard as if he stumbled out of the woods and bought a suit on his way to a movie premiere.  Read more…

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Matthew McConaughey gives students rides to make sure they get home alright, alright, alright


The McConnaissance is not over — it is only just beginning. 

Like any great multi-disciplinary artist, Matthew McConaughey is always mastering new skills, like driving golf carts. The Academy Award winning actor and accomplished chill dude headed back to his alma mater, the University of Texas, to give students safe rides home at night over the weekend. 

The SURE Walk program at University of Texas gives students free rides from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m and it looks like Mr. Time-is-a-flat-circle wants to help out.

McConaughey graduated from the school back in 1993 and recently signed on to teach a film class there, so he knows his way around Austin and does not drive around dazed and confused.  Read more…

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