Journalist tweeted this disgusting Wi-Fi name at alt-right event


A racist slur has been reportedly used for a Wi-Fi connection at an alt-right event that took place at Texas A&M University on Tuesday night. 

A local CBSDFW journalist, Jeff Paul, tweeted a picture of the list of the wireless connections available in the room where Richard Spencer, founder and leader of the so-called alt-right movement, was delivering his speech:

Found this when I went to connect to a wifi connection inside room for Alt Right speaker Richard Spencer at Texas A&M @CBSDFW

— Jeff Paul (@Jeff_Journalist) December 7, 2016 Read more…

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Please, please, please stop calling white nationalists ‘hipsters’


Remember the sweet, sun-kissed days of the ’00s when all anyone could complain about was bearded hipsters taking over dumb Halloween parties with PBRs and record collections culled from Urban Outfitters?

Well, it’s December 2016, and the greatest threat to American culture doesn’t come from a bunch of Hampshire College dropouts, but white nationalists and the alt-right, two groups who helped move Donald Trump into the Oval Office come January. Still, some media outlets have gone so far to conflate the two—”Meet the dapper white nationalist riding the Trump wave,” one Mother Jones headline recently read—which mischaracterizes hipster culture (no great sin), but moreover, unintentionally minimizes the profound danger sunglasses-wearing white nationalists pose. Read more…

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‘Kong: Skull Island’ director live-tweets ugly confrontation with alt-right plane seatmate


Things are getting tense out there, folks — it’s almost like there’s a 35-story gorilla in the room no matter where you go. And as we’ve learned, giant gorillas and airplanes don’t mix.

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was on a flight Sunday night when he tweeted that he noticed his seat-mate was scrolling through his “heavily alt-right dominated Facebook feed.”

And then it got ugly.

What started out as the unabashedly liberal filmmaker’s commentary on the “self-made echo chamber” of fake Facebook news very quickly spiraled into a confrontation over a spilled drink, a broken phone charger and a bad case of post-election bad manners. Read more…

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