Angry goat goes on rampage at local store, terrorises shoppers


LONDON — You don’t want to get on the wrong side of an angry goat. Just don’t do it.

The quiet town of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland recently found this out first-hand when a runaway billy goat stormed the carpark of a local store. 

“I was on my own in the store at around 6:20am and thought it was the bread man knocking,” manager Jonathan Smyth told the Carrick Times.

“I looked up and there was a massive goat two foot up the door.”

Smyth captured the goat’s blatant attempt at intimidation on his phone.

Fortunately the enraged beast didn’t manage to gain access to the store, but Smyth recounted how it charged one of his customers and forced a member of staff to take shelter in a car. Read more…

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A pack of lions attacked a buffalo, and the internet is taking sides


LONDON — Sometimes in Planet Earth II’s more intense scenes of animal interaction you know exactly who to root for — let’s be real, nobody was cheering for the snakes in that intense chase scene with the baby iguana during the “Islands” episode.  

However, the show’s most profound moments often come when the audience can’t quite choose who they want to come out on top. 

Sunday night’s episode provided one such nail-biting scenario when a hungry pride of lions attempted to tackle a large water buffalo.  Read more…

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