Orangutan surprises zoo by getting pregnant despite taking birth control



It’s kinda like that film Knocked Up, but with primates.

Keepers at Adelaide Zoo in Australia have been taken aback by the news that its Sumatran orangutan, Karta, has fallen pregnant despite being on birth control. A baby is expected in mid-Jan. 2017.

The zoo’s Senior Primate Keeper, Jodie Ellen, shared the “nerve-wracking news” in a Facebook post. 

“Mother Nature actually intervened, and we’ve gone ahead with the pregnancy because Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered in the wild,” she said. 

There is a sad twist to this story, however, as 34-year-old Karta has lost six infants due to difficulties breastfeeding and stillborn births, since 1995. Read more…

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7 very serious suggestions for Donald Trump’s ‘First Pet’



As deliberations over presidential cabinet positions rage on, let’s not forget the very important appointment of a “First Dog.” Nearly every U.S. president has had a pet, and although Donald Trump currently doesn’t have one, he reportedly has a deal in the works.

As reported by the The Washington Post, philanthropist Lois Pope, a longtime friend of Trump, has a Goldendoodle puppy she is convinced Trump will take to the White House. Trump reportedly told Pope, “Barron will want him” over the Thanksgiving holiday, but the decision is not yet final, according to a Trump spokesperson.

In case the Goldendoodle doesn’t get hired, we came up with a few suggestions for the First Pet in Trump’s America. All are adoptable animals from Petfinder and would settle into the Oval Office nicely. Read more…

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Oh hell yeah, look how big this turtle is



Damn, you guys gotta get a look at this turtle.

Two people from New Zealand were on a boat and they filmed the shelled creature and, wow, this thing is big, you won’t believe it.

I mean, hell yeah at the size of this thing. Throw some wheels on this guy and you’ve got a Toyota Camry, you know what I mean? You could eat a Thanksgiving dinner with your whole family on the back of this guy.

Pippa Partington and her husband Craig spotted the turtle (a leatherback sea turtle, to be exact) off the coast of Mangawhai on December 6.

Dang.  Read more…

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Video of guy punching a kangaroo in the face has quite a story behind it



Seen that viral video of man punching a kangaroo in Australia over the weekend? Turns out there’s quite the saga behind it. It’s all very intense.

The video was first shared on the Facebook page of user Steven Stubenraugh, where it’s since received 3.8 million views at the time of writing. 

The video shows a man running toward a kangaroo, which has a dog in a headlock. 

The man confronts the kangaroo, who then lets go of the dog after a struggle. Then out of nowhere, the dude gives the kangaroo a punch in the face. 

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Dudes Snapchat baby penguin they found wandering through city drain



The dirty drains of an Australian city are no place for a baby penguin, but that’s just what Josh Pirini and Scott Martin found on Thursday.

According to SMH, the pair were taking photos of street art in a drain in Haberfield, Sydney, when the little guy came along and was immediately captured on Snapchat by two guys as they tried to rescue it. 

It’s kinda funny and adorable.

They tried catching the penguin in a towel, but no avail. 

Warning: There’s some strong language in this one. If you know Australia, you know the kind. Read more…

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Heartbreaking video shows cat being rescued after it froze to the ground



A lucky cat got a second chance after it was found frozen to the ground in Russia.

In the video, the man filming explains that the cat became stuck after it sought refuge under a warm vehicle. Temperatures then dropped to negative 35 degrees celsius and the cat became frozen to the ground.

The couple filled a bucket with hot water and gently poured it over the cat’s paws to unfreeze it from the ice. 

“It’s most important that the cat’s alive and we’ll be able to help her,” the man can be heard saying in the clip.

In the YouTube description, they explain that the cat was taken to a veterinarian where it was determined to be about seven to nine months old. They stated that the cat was able to walk later that evening, and was adopted the same week.  Read more…

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‘Dead’ fish miraculously comes back to life the moment the toilet flushes



Either this beta fish had a terribly short life or it hatched an amazing escape plan.

Fish owner Brook Essick was transferring her fish Dane from a small glass to a large tank after a cleaning when something went wrong. Moments after the transfer, Dane’s body became lifeless, and Essick presumed the poor fish dead.

“When we put him back in the bowl, he swam for probably five seconds and then just immediately ‘died’ and started floating,” Essick told Mashable.

Essick was unable to confirm that Dane still had life left in his small fishy body, so she did what most fish owners do when their loved ones die, and she flushed Dane off to fishy heaven. Read more…

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Puppy finds adorable way to clean his pee puddle



Good boy, Pablo!

Most dogs accidentally go #1 (or even worse, #2) from time to time in the house – but Pablo just might be the first dog to clean his mess up himself.

When the pup wasn’t able to make it outside to use nature’s bathroom, he was forced to use his human’s bathroom (well, the floor of his human’s bathroom). His human then tweeted a photo of the toilet paper wad Pablo the puppy lovingly created to soak up his pee.

Of course, the dog could also have just messed around with the roll of toilet paper after his bathroom break, but it’s more fun to think of him as being a clean canine.

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The internet simply cannot decide how giraffes should wear their neckties



It’s a well-known fact that the world’s giraffes collectively possess thousands of neckties. They are just not sure how to wear them.

Would they place them at the base of the neck — where the collar on a human shirt might be — or at the top of the neck for a tighter, more choker-esque fit?

Comedian Jeremy Hammond posed the question on Twitter days ago, but it seems like the internet still cannot decide. Weird! 

The internet is usually so good at deciding things.

When giraffes go to work do you think they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks?

Asking for a friendpic.twitter.com/e3cFarF75P

— jeremy hammond (@jeremythunder) November 17, 2016 Read more…

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Singing parrot gives Sia a run for her money with ‘Chandelier’ cover



Australian singer Sia has a unique sound that not many can replicate.

Enter this parrot.

A lovely person on the internet filmed a parrot singing Sia‘s “Chandelier” — and the bird actually nailed the pop song.

All the parrot is missing is a signature Sia wig.

Read more…

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