New animated short film reveals the anxiety and stigma of ‘flying while fat’


In tiny airplane cabins, pressure mounts — especially for plus-size travelers entering an aircraft that wasn’t designed with them in mind.

To bring attention to the discrimination and stress plus-size people face when flying, London-based activist and artist Stacy Bias has created a new animated short film called Flying While Fat. She hopes to start a conversation about acceptance and inclusion of plus-size travelers.

Bias tells Mashable she created the animated short to amplify the often silenced voices of fat airline passengers, giving them the chance to unpack the challenges of fitting into spaces that physically exclude them. Read more…

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‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ used more than 82,000 frames of hand-drawn animation


It’s time for a trip through Toon Town to get the real dirt on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Here are seven things you didn’t know about this 1988, animation-meets-live action classic.

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Captain America has trouble bonding with Winter Soldier in cartoon short


As everyone knows, Captain America longs for the good old days. Unfortunately, he’s in for some new bad days when the Winter Soldier shows up in this animated short.

Our CineFix series, Bad Days, tells the story of Captain America: The Winter Soldier slightly differently than the hit Marvel film: fewer fight scenes and more beer.

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