6 deeply serious questions we have for Joe Biden about a 2020 presidential run



America is holding out for a hero to save us from the shitshow known as the 2016 election, and it turns out Joe Biden might be up for the job.

Though the beloved VP crushed hopes of running for office in 2016 early on, at a Senate session on Monday Biden gifted us a glimmer of hope that he hasn’t completely ruled out running for president in 2020.

Barack’s right hand man hinted at a possible run for office after Trump’s four years are up, according to CNN.

“Yeah, I am. I’m going to run in 2020,” Biden responded, when questioned about his future plans. When reporters asked what exactly he would be running for, he sassily replied, “For president. What the hell, man.” Read more…

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This photo sums up how much the world has changed in 2016



We can all agree that 2016 was the year anti-establishment politics became mainstream in the West, sending shockwaves across traditional political parties. 

One photo taken in April at the G5 in Hanover pretty much sums up this sentiment. 

It shows Angela Merkel surrounded by Matteo Renzi, Francois Hollande, Barack Obama and David Cameron — the then-leaders of Europe’s four largest economies and the United States. 

The photo re-surfaced on Twitter after Renzi’s shock resignation on Sunday night, following a crushing defeat in Italy’s constitutional referendum:  Read more…

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Twitter field day: Barack Obama digital media company edition



On December 2, 2016, the internet was gifted the ultimate Friday afternoon Twitter story: Barack Obama has reportedly considered starting a digital media company once he’s no longer president.

This is the Platonic idea of a story for media people to riff on. It is the Breaking-Bad-meth-purity-level of a media riff story.

Is it going to actually happen? Apparently not, as the White House communications director said the president has “no plans to get into the media business after he leaves office.” Read more…

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Watch Obama age from kid to outgoing POTUS in seconds



We’re less than two months away from President Barack Obama’s White House tenure coming to an end. So it seems like a good time to see what the stress of being the leader of the free world will do to a guy.

In this GIF put together by the minds at healthtrends (which is currently undergoing a redesign), you can see Obama morph from kid to POTUS to outgoing POTUS in seconds. 

Besides being hypnotic, the loop also shows how quickly being president can age a person. In the last few frames, you can almost follow the progress of his gridlock battle with Congress as his hair gets grayer and grayer and the lines on his face get deeper. Read more…

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