Family has an extremely close encounter with a bear and her cubs


A family out adventuring in the woods had an extremely close encounter with a mama bear and her two cubs. 

In September, Jeff of Gridlessness and his two daughters embarked on a scouting trip to plan for an upcoming hunt in northern British Columbia, Canada. It was a bit snowy, but the trip was going well until the family stumbled upon another family out for a stroll in the woods. 

“We are no strangers to bears, black or grizzly, they come with the territory up here.  We’ve had a fair number of encounters, even some that raised our blood pressure a notch, but I’ve not surprised a sow Grizz with cubs at short range till now,” Jeff wrote on his blog. The family of seven lives entirely off the grid in British Columbia, so they’re no strangers to wildlife.  Read more…

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