Kid’s rendition of ‘Hocus Pocus’ song wins hearts, including Bette Midler’s


This one goes out to all the sweet, camp kids of the world who put on living room theatre productions for their parents.

Alfie is one such kid, and if he doesn’t leave you smiling from ear to ear, well, you’re officially a vegetable person. Please check your pulse.

Proud father of little Alfie, U.K. man Steven Shields posted a Facebook video of his son a few days ago and it’s basically stolen the heart of the internet — even Bette Midler herself is a fan, saying “Alfie nailed it!”

In the video, which Shields said Alfie asked him to upload, the cutie plays the role of Midler’s witchy villain Winifred in kid’s film Hocus Pocus — doing an excellent cover of “I Put a Spell On You.” Read more…

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