Hey Australia: Kazakhstan is better than you at a whole bunch of things



Australians are up in arms after a report was published showing the country doing dismally in global education rankings.

Yes, we dropped from 18th to 28th in Year 4 maths and from 12th to 17th for Year 8 maths since 2011. It’s not great. But for some reason, all anyone could talk about is that Kazakhstan now surpasses Australia for primary education.

It was so desperate a shortcoming that even an Australian senator used the report to reference the mockumentary Borat. 

“I don’t want to denigrate Kazakhstan, or indeed their artistic skills with movies like Borat,” Minister for Education Simon Birmingham said, according to the ABC. “I think though Australia should be seeking to be amongst the best in the world and declines like this are unacceptable and that we need to be working hard to turn it around.”  Read more…

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