Burgers and burritos come together because goodness exists in the world



From sushi donuts to Swedish Fish Oreos to the mufgel, 2016 has been the year of food mashups.

And now joining the ranks is the Burgrito, a burger and burrito mashup, with its own restaurant headed to Brooklyn.

The Burgrito is a stomach-busting concoction stuffed with tomato, bacon, lettuce, American cheese, onion, chipotle sauce, fries and hamburger meat. They also have a vegan Burgrito option, the Veg-rito.

Image: burgrito’s

Mashable spoke with Lawrence Laby, owner of Burgrito’s, on why he is excited to expand the business from Long Island to Park Slope. Read more…

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This ramen joint is an introverted foodie’s paradise



Embrace your inner #ForeverAlone.

Ichiran Ramen is a Japan-based restaurant chain famous for its unique dining style. Customers eat alone, partitioned into individual sections that separate them from other diners and the staff, and orders are taken by filling out a form, all in order to limit human interaction. 

And now, there’s good news for New Yorkers: Last month, the introverted foodie’s paradise finally opened a shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Ichiran was founded in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1960. As explained by Timeline, the chain believes that eating solo “helps people focus on their food,” as it “eliminates the need for exchanging saccharine pleasantries with servers or companions.”  Read more…

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