Snapchat makes biggest move yet in becoming the new TV


Snapchat is gunning for television. More news, comedy, sports and lifestyle shows will be popping up on the app in the coming months, thanks to a new deal with Turner. 

The partnership, announced Tuesday, is expected to introduce several new brands into the messaging app. Turner and Snap, together, will be developing original shows from Turner-owned TBS, Adult Swim, truTV, Great Big Story and Super Deluxe. 

Bleacher Report, which has had an international edition on Snapchat Discover since the platform’s launch in January 2015, will create a channel in the U.S. version of the app on Jan. 4, 2017. CNN is committing to offer more daily content on its own channel (Mashable is a Discover partner, and Turner is an investor.) Read more…

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Pornhub wishes you a horny Christmas in surprisingly SFW ad


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the web … well, something was stirring.

Pornhub makes the case that you don’t need mistletoe to enjoy yourself this holiday season in its latest innuendo-laden Christmas ad. 

In the 90-second video, various people settle in for what looks to be a dreary Christmas eve spent alone as melancholy holiday music sets the scene.

But the mood changes as Santa’s sleigh flies overhead and apparently unlocks a premium membership to the adult site for each of the dejected yuletide celebrants. Read more…

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Someone is willing to pay more than $16,000 for a coffee date with Ivanka Trump


There are plenty of great charities that need your money, but that hasn’t stopped someone from donating thousands of dollars for the opportunity to have a half-hour coffee date with Ivanka Trump. 

You can bid on the event over at Charitybuzz, a site for high-priced charity auctions like having Hugh Jackman record your outgoing voicemail message or the chance to ask Lawrence Kasdan, writer of three Star Wars films, two questions. (May we suggest: “Who are Rey’s parents?” and “How come Kenobi didn’t recognize C3PO or R2D2?”) Read more…

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5 simple accounting tips for DIY small business owners


Don’t worry: You can run a small business even if math isn’t your strong suit. 

Accounting and bookkeeping can be a daunting task even for experienced business owners, but there are a few simple strategies and slick tech solutions that can keep your company’s finances in working order. 

Check out the videos below to learn how other entrepreneurs approach tracking finances, and get inspired for your own ventures. 

Keeping accurate books 

Bookkeeping doesn’t start and end with sales figures.

Separating your business expenses 

Resist the urge to combine your personal expenses and your business expenses. Read more…

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Amazon’s grocery store disruption has a very human problem


When Amazon unveiled plans on Tuesday for grocery stores without cashiers, it seemed like an omen of the future: A store full of shoppers, with just a few workers in the background.

Are the robots coming for our jobs? (Some of them.) Is Amazon Go the future? (Probably.)

And yes: It could create some jobs, too. But as for the jobs it’ll leave behind, that’s where bad news gets worse. It’s not just that Amazon’s grocery-buying disruption will cost jobs—it’s that the people who rely on those jobs are already our country’s most economically vulnerable. It’s a bad situation made worse. 

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