Distraught woman whose house burned down gets uplifting surprise



A massive fire destroyed eight buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts, including the home of one cat lover, who got an uplifting surprise after the blaze was knocked down Saturday. 

Despite the tragic loss of her home, firefighters were able to save her two cats. The woman was overjoyed to see her pets again amid the chaos, and her friend, Justin Khoo, captured the reunion in a touching video.

“My friend’s house was involved in a massive fire. She didn’t think her cats survived. Here she is finding them alive!” he wrote on Reddit. Read more…

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Heartbreaking video shows cat being rescued after it froze to the ground



A lucky cat got a second chance after it was found frozen to the ground in Russia.

In the video, the man filming explains that the cat became stuck after it sought refuge under a warm vehicle. Temperatures then dropped to negative 35 degrees celsius and the cat became frozen to the ground.

The couple filled a bucket with hot water and gently poured it over the cat’s paws to unfreeze it from the ice. 

“It’s most important that the cat’s alive and we’ll be able to help her,” the man can be heard saying in the clip.

In the YouTube description, they explain that the cat was taken to a veterinarian where it was determined to be about seven to nine months old. They stated that the cat was able to walk later that evening, and was adopted the same week.  Read more…

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Practice your downward-facing cat pose at a ‘Yoga with Cats’ class



It’s time to fight the stigma of cats being lazy. It’s time to take a stand for our cats. It’s time for cats to go to yoga class.

Good Mews, a no-kill, cage-free cat shelter in Marietta, Georgia, is pioneering this adorable movement by offering Yoga with Cats classes, in which humans practice yoga surrounded by cats.

“The idea originated with the Good Mews marketing committee, which I lead,” Nancy Riley, the Good Mews Animal Foundation Board of Directors & Marketing Chair, wrote to Mashable. “We were brainstorming ideas to draw new visitors to Good Mews to help increase adoptions of our shelter cats and kittens.” Read more…

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2 cats are recreating all your favorite movie scenes



The only thing that could make your favorite movies better? If cats were playing the lead roles.

New Instagram account moviecats is posting photo recreations of famous movie scenes just about every week, and they’re all starring two adorable Burmese cats named Tara and Willow.

Week 1: Guess the film! #catsofinstagram #cat #cats #movie #movies #moviecats #burmese #film #filmcats #quiz

A photo posted by Movie Cats (@moviecats) on

The cats’ humans, David and Sarah Chapman, are from Nottingham, England. The couple was inspired to start the project for a pub quiz that David manages, reports BuzzFeed. Read more…

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Please do not give your pets alcohol these holidays, or like ever



Not sure why, but there’s always someone out there who thinks it’ll be really funny to give an animal a sip of their beer.

Well no surprises, but it’s a really dumb idea.

In Australia, veterinarians come across higher rates of alcohol toxicity in animals during the holiday season, either thanks to idiots or because pets accidentally become exposed to small amounts of alcohol laying around.

Just a week after some jerks fed a native quokka UDL vodka from a can, the Australian Veterinarian Association (AVA) has condemned the all-too-common holiday past time of letting animals try your alcohol Read more…

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30 gifts for your cat, even if they’re an assh*le



They may be little monsters sometimes, they may ignore your calls and wake you up at the crack of dawn because they want food even though they have food in their bowl, but we love our cats regardless.

So don’t forget your feline friend when you’re shopping for gifts this year, because when you come home drunk after a day filled with family feuds, your cat will be there for you and will love you endlessly. 

From collars and bowls to special toys and houses, here are 30 gift ideas for your cat this holiday season. 

1OTO Ice Cream Truck

Price: $39

2. Cat Cabin

Price: $12.99  Read more…

3. Bamboo Cat Pod

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