Lady Gaga breaks down how PTSD affects her life in a poignant letter


Just after Lady Gaga revealed that she lives with post traumatic stress disorder, she shared a powerful letter about how mental illness affects her daily life and what she’s doing to work through it.

“This is how I and we can begin to heal,” writes Gaga on her Born This Way Foundation’s website. “I am starting today, because secrets keep you sick.”

In 2014, the singer told Howard Stern that a record producer raped her when she was 19-years-old. She’s been struggling with PTSD since then, and she recently opened up about the diagnosis for the first time while talking to a group of young people at the  Ali Forney Center in New York, which provides services for LGBTQ youth. Read more…

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Enjoy watching Milo Ventimiglia do push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres on his back


Jess Mariano grew up to be suspiciously buff. 

Milo Ventimiglia, who currently stars as a ’70s-era dad to three on This Is Us, visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the show. And, like Justin Bieber before him, he participated in the great tradition of showing off your muscles on daytime television. 

Ventimiglia recreated an especially tender moment on the show between his character and his adopted son, Randall, by giving Ellen the same treatment. 

“His adopted father literally carried him on his back and showed him that he will be there for his son for his entire life,” explained Ventimiglia. “And so we did a bunch of push-ups.”  Read more…

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Chrissy Treigen is the official celebrity holiday pun of 2016


‘Tis the season to make decorative choices based on corny puns about celebrities. 

Wreath Witherspoons, though perfect, have gone a little commercial since Mindy Kaling brought the phrase into our holiday vernacular back in 2014 and Reese herself cashed in on the pun. But 2016 is the year to DIY a Chrissy Treigen. 

@chrissyteigen Chriss(t)y a savior is born 🎄. I’m dreaming of a white (castle) Christmas cc: @bhickkks

— nat condon (@natco92) December 6, 2016

All you need to do is print out a photo (preferably involving a burger) and stick it on top of your tree, like a North Star guiding you away from the trolls.  Read more…

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Beyoncé could soon have the most Grammys of any female artist ever


Get twirling, Bey Hive. 

Beyoncé got nine Grammy nominations this year, meaning that she could be the most-awarded female artist in Grammy history at the end of the 2017 ceremony. 

She was nominated for the top prize, Album of the Year, alongside Adele, Justin Bieber, Drake and Sturgill Simpson.  

“Formation” was nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Music VideoLemonade also got a nod for Best Urban Contemporary Album. 

Bey’s Lemonade collaborations helped her get nominations in some genre-specific categories, too. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” featuring Jack White earned Bey a nomination for Best Rock Performance. “Freedom” featuring Kendrick Lamar was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance.  Read more…

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This adorable new photo of Saint West will help you through the Kim Kardashian drought


A year ago today, the world was truly blessed by the birth of Saint West. 

In honor of Saint’s birthday, Kim Kardashian West‘s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, shared new personal photos of the one-year-old and his mom on Kim’s app. They are devastatingly adorable, as Saint is a true Kardashian who is incapable of taking a bad photo.  

The family celebrated Saint’s birthday and Kanye West’s return from the hospital with a low key (by Kardashian standards) celebration at home. Lots of balloons were involved.  Read more…

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Justin Bieber will go on his first stadium tour in 2017


Justin Bieber, who is not a big fan of people screaming while he performs, is currently plotting his first ever stadium tour. 

Bieber will hit the road again in North America following his rocky Purpose tour at the end of the summer in 2017, which should give him some time to hang out poolside and not Instagram before he returns to sing to the masses.

Bieber stopped by Ellen to make the announcement and show off his biceps. 

The dates so far:
August 5
 Pasadena, CA at Rose Bowl Stadium

August 12 Denver, CO at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Read more…

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Justin Bieber covers Taylor Swift again and could it spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E?


Justin Bieber has, yet again, used his angelic voice to sing the song of one Ms. Taylor Alison Swift. “I Knew You Were Trouble,” specifically.

Now it is our duty to ask, what do mean, Justin?

Who even likes taylor swift?

A video posted by Justin Bieber Updates™ (@justinbiebertracker) on

Bieber, who has been avoiding social media to keep away from Satan, is still cool with using other people’s phones for selfies on occasion.

In a recent video (judging from his current, unbleached hair and baby bangs) that just emerged, he asks, “Is this a video?” And then he swiftly launches into the song. Read more…

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Kristen Stewart is a terrible driver in the new Rolling Stones video


Kristen Stewart stars in the Rolling Stones’ new “Ride ‘Em On Down” video playing, well, Kristen Stewart.

The actress picks up a six pack and heads off on a joy ride in a muscle car in some sort of apocalyptic scenario where the only survivors are Kristen Stewart, some rough-looking dude in a cop car and a zebra. No shoes allowed. 

She drives recklessly, enjoys a lollipop and dances like no one’s watching. 

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Please enjoy this endless hallway decorated with Jake Gyllenhaal’s face


Nothing to see here, just Jake Gyllenhaal’s face forever and ever. 

The actor’s rugged good looks now adorn the walls of a virtual GyllenHall on an endless loop soundtracked by his famous line from Brokeback Mountain, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” So just try closing the tab without feeling like a monster. 

The website is the terrifying and beautiful creation of Paul Feldmann and Zack Johnson. 

There are plenty of Jakes to choose from, should you prefer the hunk fresh faced, poking out of a cozy turtleneck or with a full beard as if he stumbled out of the woods and bought a suit on his way to a movie premiere.  Read more…

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Justin Bieber is ’90 percent sure’ Instagram is for the devil


Justin Bieber has a pretty solid reason for not returning to Instagram — he is not the dark lord Satan.

“Instagram is for the devil,” he told the crowd in London at the last date of his Purpose Tour, explaining his exit from the social media platform. “I think hell is Instagram. I’m like 90 percent sure.”

When Biebs expands on his argument, it’s pretty damn convincing. 

“We get sent to hell and we get locked in the Instagram server,” he said. “I’m stuck in the DMs. I’m trying to climb my way out and I can’t.” Read more…

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