Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon get weird with holiday Mad Libs


Mad Libs: not just a wacky road trip game anymore.

On Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon performed a holiday-themed scene written using the classic fill-in-the-blank game: a gripping tale of a Christmas gift gone missing.

And thanks to a truly genius word choice from Pratt, Fallon broke down laughing 10 seconds into it, mostly because his character was named Ding Dongs the Elf.

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Jennifer Lawrence reveals how her butt almost killed a man


It’s not every day you hear a Hollywood actress talking about butt scratching. But not every actress is Jennifer Lawrence. 

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show alongside her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt, J-Law told an unusual tale about scratching her bottom on ancestral Hawaiian rocks while filming The Hunger Games — that almost led to the death of the film’s sound man. 

Scroll to 2.30 if you want to hear J-Law in full swing.

Or watch from the start to see British chef Jamie Oliver get a roasting about his recipe for the Spanish dish paella.  Read more…

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Watch Chris Pratt attempt a card trick that only ‘works 50% of the time’


Is Chris Pratt actually good at magic tricks? We do not know. But this one turned out okay.

On the Graham Norton Show this week, Pratt debuted a trick called “Burn ’em,” which allegedly “works 50 percent of the time.” Not great odds when you’re performing for a TV audience.

But after a lot of random shuffling from participant, a magical fist bump and a flourish, Pratt was somehow able to pull it off.

Even Pratt’s Passengers costar Jennifer Lawrence, the most vocal skeptic of all, was impressed.

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A confused Chris Pratt seems to think Jennifer Lawrence is in his photos


Passengers co-stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have both proven themselves to be quite the goofs in the past. And now, they’re doing some goofs together. Well, sort of.

Pratt has been chronicling the film’s press tour on social media, and fans apparently pointed out that he wasn’t sharing any photos with J. Law. So, Pratt responded by posting some photos with her.

The problem is, she’s slightly out of frame in them all.

“I cropped #JenniferLawrence out of this picture,” Pratt captioned the first photo of the hilarious series. Read more…

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The Oscar Map: It’s the end of #OscarsSoWhite, at least for this year


LOS ANGELES — Ding-Dong, #OscarsSoWhite is dead. There will be no R.I.P. tweets. It will not be featured in an “In Memoriam” montage.

The hashtag that haunted Hollywood for two awards cycles can be safely put to rest — at least for the 2017 ceremony — since as many as half of this year’s 20 acting nominees are poised to be people of color. That’s thanks to Fences, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Loving, Lion and Collateral Beauty. Just think what might’ve been if the Nate Parker controversy hadn’t undermined The Birth of a Nation!

Fences star Viola Davis is looking like a lock for Best Supporting Actress, and the actress most likely to pull off an upset is Moonlight‘s Naomie Harris. Davis’ co-star, Denzel Washington, is a surefire Best Actor nominee who will no doubt give Casey Affleck a run for his money. Read more…

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