CNN Blames Apple for Apple News Bug That Caused Repeat Notifications

Earlier this afternoon, a bug with the Apple News app caused notifications for a single CNN news story to be sent out to iPhone and iPad users over and over again.

The issue, which lasted for approximately 15 minutes, appears to have impacted all Apple News subscribers who had alerts turned on for CNN based on a slew of complaints that popped up on reddit, Twitter, and the MacRumors forums.

It wasn't clear if the problem was with CNN or the Apple News app, but on Twitter, CNN claims it was the latter. According to the news organization, CNN only sent a single notification, and the company is working with Apple to identify the problem.

Customers who were affected by the repeated notifications received somewhere around a hundred notifications, and the notifications in question were interrupting normal device operation. It appears that the issue centered around a single CNN news story, but we've also seen reports that some notifications from Fox News also repeated.

The only fix for the issue at the time was to turn off Apple News notifications, but the problem was resolved by Apple quickly and customers who did turn off their notifications due to the CNN alert bug can now safely re-enable them.

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CNN courts the YouTube generation by partnering with Casey Neistat


CNN is preparing its second major effort to appeal to a younger generation of news consumers. And this time it’s tapping one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

CNN is teaming up with Casey Neistat to launch a new standalone company that will  use smartphones to create video content. 

As part of the move, CNN is buying Neistat’s Beme app, which launched in July 2015. CNN did not disclose the terms of the deal.

The Beme app will be shut down in the coming weeks while the rest of the company will fold into the new venture owned by CNN. Matt Hackett, the chief technology officer of Beme and formerly the head of engineering at Tumblr, will help lead the new company. Read more…

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30 minutes of hardcore porn just aired on CNN, apparently


So much for Parts Unknown. 👀

CNN viewers got an eyeful Thursday night when Anthony Bourdain’s show was reportedly replaced by 30 minutes of hardcore pornography. RCN customers in Boston were apparently the only ones affected, so the mistake was probably on the cable provider’s end — not the news network’s.

Cable provider RCN accidentally broadcast 30 minutes of pornography on a live CNN TV channel in Boston

— Jenna Abrams (@Jenn_Abrams) November 25, 2016

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown typically airs Sunday evenings, but CNN had been showing back-to-back episodes for Thanksgiving. Read more…

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