The delightful arrogance of college basketball’s leading scorer


Locked in a close college basketball game with under three minutes to play, should you: (A) Launch a 25-footer midway through the shot clock; (B) Precede that three-pointer with a pointless spin move; or (C) Saunter back on defense soaking up the fan love?

The answer is (D), all of the above. At least if you’re Central Michigan guard Marcus Keene, that is. 

Keene pulled off the cheekiest college hoops shot in recent memory Tuesday night when he dribbled behind his back while executing a reverse spin move way out behind the three-point line before pulling a very deep jumper that found the bottom of the net.  Read more…

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This perfect sports Vine is a comedy in three acts


Man, why’d they have to kill this app? WHY’D THEY HAVE TO KILL THIS APP!? 

Just about a month after Twitter announced it plans to eliminate Vine — which pairs with sports like a fine wine — here comes the perfect clip to remind us all of what we’ll soon be missing. 

Our dramatis personae: Ethan Happ, forward, Wisconsin Baders; Khadeem Lattin, forward, Oklahoma Sooners; Nigel Hayes, forward, Wisconsin Badgers. 

Now, our play in three acts. 

That’s Happ aggressively freeing himself from the arms of Lattin during Oklahoma and Wisonsin’s Saturday afternoon basketball game (Act I). Then we have Lattin uncorking an all-timer flop (Act II). Finally, we have Hayes delivering a perfect reaction to Lattin’s histrionics (Act III).  Read more…

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UCLA basketball is back, baby


Not long ago, UCLA basketball was reeling. 

In March, a plane flew a banner over campus imploring the school to fire coach Steve Alford. The renowned college hoops program seemed listless, struggling to a 15-17 record one year after a March Madness run marked by luck as much as anything else. 

Suddenly, all that drama seems ancient. UCLA just put the college hoops world on notice: The Bruins are back, baby. 

UCLA upset top-ranked Kentucky in Kentucky on Saturday, controlling the second half en route to a 97-92 win. It was a clash of college basketball blue-bloods — Kentucky boasts more wins than any other program, UCLA boasts the most national titles.  Read more…

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Liberty University: A Christian institution sells its soul in search of sports success


Liberty University — a private Baptist school founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971 — has talked in recent years about becoming a big fish in college sports, as opposed to the minnow it has long been. 

In doing so, the school that purports to prepare students for a life of piousness and Christ-serving would be wise to heed the cautionary example of Baylor University.

Instead, Liberty appears to be doing the opposite. 

Baylor, another Baptist university, set out on a similar mission some 15 years ago, seeking to become a sports powerhouse. Baylor achieved its goal, but a heinous scandal — involving myriad cases of sexual assault — came with that athletic success.  Read more…

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