This Chrome extension shows you how biased your social feed is


Ever wonder if your Facebook feed is only telling you one side of the story? Well, research has shown that it can do just that.

Social media feeds can morph into echo chambers of your political beliefs, telling you only what like-minded friends and family think, and in doing so, ignoring the news and political material that would challenge them.

A new Google Chrome extension, aptly named PolitEcho, is trying to sift through this biased feedback loop to give us a clear picture of just how ‘red’ or ‘blue’ our feeds really are.

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This controversial website is targeting ‘radical’ left-wing academics


Freedom of speech and thought are, in theory, what drives academia — and a new website is drawing criticism for threatening those virtues.

Professor Watchlist rounds up the names of scholars from around the U.S. it deems “radical” and places them on a so-called watch list with their photographs and identities listed alongside their names. 

Created by the conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA, it says its purpose is to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” But those allegations are often thinly supported and over simplified, citing biased sources like political blogs run by conservative organizations and opinion pieces. Read more…

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