Reserve Bank of India website hit with 14X traffic post PM Modi’s demonetization speech


Among the millions who have been impacted by India’s surprise announcement to invalidate much of its cash is also the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Following the announcement on Nov. 8, the RBI website became unresponsive to millions while simply crashing for the rest of us. According to web analytics firm SimilarWeb, the RBI website was hit with 14 times more traffic than usual the day after the announcement

Image: SimilarWeb

Indians thronged to the central bank’s website to get more details about the surprise announcements Prime Minister Narendra Modi made at a televised address Nov. 8 evening. The announcement caught even the media by surprise and details were hard to come by in the first 24 hours as confusion reigned supreme with rumors flooding WhatsApp groups and even some media reports. The RBI website was one of the few reliable sources for verified information. Read more…

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