Sistagirls do Mardi Gras: Indigenous trans community crowdfunds for pride parade


Imagining a world without diversity, culture and the full rainbow of gender identities is a very dull prospect. Recognising and celebrating the expression these human values makes us healthier and stronger. 

A world without the colourful and ecstatic celebration that is Australia’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras? No thanks.   

Cue the Tiwi Sistagirls. A transgender community of around 40 who reside in the Tiwi Islands, a small group of islands around 100km north of Darwin and officially part of the Northern Territory.

The Sistagirls — who have given themselves this name, as a sign of self-respect and the desire to shun a western label — have overcome many challenges to create for themselves a vibrant and supportive network where they now feel confident and safe.     Read more…

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