Cat plays patty cake with itself in mirror


Cats don’t know how adorable they are. Or maybe they do, because this one can’t get enough of its own reflection. 

According to this video description, this orange cat loaf makes a daily routine of propping itself onto its owner’s bureau and scratching the mirror.

Is it boxing? Is it dancing? Is it playing patty cake? It doesn’t matter — this cat’s doing a great no matter what. 

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Singer lulls puppy to sleep with acapella Christmas tune


No matter how cute your puppy is, sometimes making him sleep is the only way to get yourself a little peace and quiet.

YouTuber Rachel Smith found the perfect way to get her adorable dog to do just that – by singing a soulful, acapella rendition of ”Christmas Time is Here.”

Rachel, can we please get a full version of your beautiful voice singing this song, set to the serene image of your pup sleeping?

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Dog really into leather craftsmanship right now


YouTube user Alyssa Antal walked into her dining room to find her dog marveling at the fringe on her purse. 

Chalk it up to an admiration for quality leather craft or the need for a very light-touch massage. 

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Toddler and his labradoodle are the most adorable duo to ever exist


These are the cutest best friends you’ll ever see.

Two-year-old foster child Buddy and his Labradoodle best friend, Reagan, were pals from the moment they met.

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“My daughter was fostering two boys, ages two and five,” Sandi Swiridoff, Buddy’s grandmother told Mashable, “When the time came for them to move to a forever family my heart ached at the thought of no longer being involved in their lives.”

“I needed something to focus on, to pour love and attention into,” she continued, “[adopting] Reagan the dog did just that.” Read more…

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Puppy finds adorable way to clean his pee puddle


Good boy, Pablo!

Most dogs accidentally go #1 (or even worse, #2) from time to time in the house – but Pablo just might be the first dog to clean his mess up himself.

When the pup wasn’t able to make it outside to use nature’s bathroom, he was forced to use his human’s bathroom (well, the floor of his human’s bathroom). His human then tweeted a photo of the toilet paper wad Pablo the puppy lovingly created to soak up his pee.

Of course, the dog could also have just messed around with the roll of toilet paper after his bathroom break, but it’s more fun to think of him as being a clean canine.

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Practice your downward-facing cat pose at a ‘Yoga with Cats’ class


It’s time to fight the stigma of cats being lazy. It’s time to take a stand for our cats. It’s time for cats to go to yoga class.

Good Mews, a no-kill, cage-free cat shelter in Marietta, Georgia, is pioneering this adorable movement by offering Yoga with Cats classes, in which humans practice yoga surrounded by cats.

“The idea originated with the Good Mews marketing committee, which I lead,” Nancy Riley, the Good Mews Animal Foundation Board of Directors & Marketing Chair, wrote to Mashable. “We were brainstorming ideas to draw new visitors to Good Mews to help increase adoptions of our shelter cats and kittens.” Read more…

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2 cats are recreating all your favorite movie scenes


The only thing that could make your favorite movies better? If cats were playing the lead roles.

New Instagram account moviecats is posting photo recreations of famous movie scenes just about every week, and they’re all starring two adorable Burmese cats named Tara and Willow.

Week 1: Guess the film! #catsofinstagram #cat #cats #movie #movies #moviecats #burmese #film #filmcats #quiz

A photo posted by Movie Cats (@moviecats) on

The cats’ humans, David and Sarah Chapman, are from Nottingham, England. The couple was inspired to start the project for a pub quiz that David manages, reports BuzzFeed. Read more…

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Please enjoy this delightful photo of a woman dressed like her dog


Considering all that went down in November 2016, Halloween costumes are decidedly ancient news. 

But suspend your holiday spirit/existential dread for a moment and look at this woman’s work-of-art Halloween costume expertly crafted in her dog’s likeness.

My mom dressed up as my dog noooooo

— Zoë Baumann (@zoebaumann_) November 1, 2016

Back on Nov. 1, Zoë Baumann of Salt Lake City tweeted this photo of her mother dressed exactly like their dog Teddy. Thanks to a recent BuzzFeed listicle and a few viral Instagram account pickups, her tweet blew up with more than 4,300 retweets and 7,700 likes.  Read more…

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Singing parrot gives Sia a run for her money with ‘Chandelier’ cover


Australian singer Sia has a unique sound that not many can replicate.

Enter this parrot.

A lovely person on the internet filmed a parrot singing Sia‘s “Chandelier” — and the bird actually nailed the pop song.

All the parrot is missing is a signature Sia wig.

Read more…

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Nothing calms Polly the goat’s anxiety like her duck costume


This adorable baby goat and her duck costume are totally the G.O.A.T.

Polly was rescued by Goats of Anarchy, an Annandale, New Jersey-based sanctuary that rescues special needs baby goats. She suffers from several neurological issues which can sometimes cause anxiety.

Luckily, Goats of Anarchy’s founder Leanne Lauricella discovered the best (and cutest) way to quell her anxiety: by putting Polly in a fuzzy duck costume.

“Polly is very used to being clothed, it’s all she knows, so a costume is no different to her… or so I thought,” Lauricella wrote to Mashable. “While out shopping one day, I spotted the cute little duck costume and had to have it. The first time I put Polly in the costume, she just closed her eyes and fell asleep. She seemed very peaceful.” Read more…

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