This adorable new photo of Saint West will help you through the Kim Kardashian drought


A year ago today, the world was truly blessed by the birth of Saint West. 

In honor of Saint’s birthday, Kim Kardashian West‘s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, shared new personal photos of the one-year-old and his mom on Kim’s app. They are devastatingly adorable, as Saint is a true Kardashian who is incapable of taking a bad photo.  

The family celebrated Saint’s birthday and Kanye West’s return from the hospital with a low key (by Kardashian standards) celebration at home. Lots of balloons were involved.  Read more…

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Little girl struggles to read the word ‘who’ and still just can’t


All learning should take place in a supportive and non-judgemental environment, but sometimes kids are just too damn cute to take seriously.

Twitter user @Lexusxoxoxoxo shared an adorable video of her little sister learning to read, and really struggling over the word, “who.”

Though she definitely gets the ‘W’ sound, the little girl seems to have a little trouble keeping her vowels straight.

The budding reader hilariously substitutes the ‘o’ sound for ‘a(aaah)’ again and again.

We’re sure she got it eventually. Read more…

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Toddler and his labradoodle are the most adorable duo to ever exist


These are the cutest best friends you’ll ever see.

Two-year-old foster child Buddy and his Labradoodle best friend, Reagan, were pals from the moment they met.

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“My daughter was fostering two boys, ages two and five,” Sandi Swiridoff, Buddy’s grandmother told Mashable, “When the time came for them to move to a forever family my heart ached at the thought of no longer being involved in their lives.”

“I needed something to focus on, to pour love and attention into,” she continued, “[adopting] Reagan the dog did just that.” Read more…

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Baby hits the milly rock in the womb


They say that dancing is in your genes, and this baby may be proof.

Twitter user Kiara Lawhon tweeted an ultrasound video of her future niece or nephew already getting down to their own beat in the womb.

Watch this baby hit the milly rock harder than we ever could.

We guess we should just stop practicing now — unless you’re a baby, then continue on. Read more…

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Confused kid searches everywhere for the goggles on top of his head


There is no better feeling than finding something lost – except when you feel dumb because it was on your head the whole time. 

Aidan Walker was adorably caught on video by his big sister, Diara, desperately searching beside a pool for his “lost” goggles.

Aidan searches high and low for the “missing” glasses sitting atop his head – even touching them without realizing what he’s found.

Diara tweeted the priceless moment below:

Admit it, we’ve all been there. Read more…

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