These smart glasses for cyclists will make you feel like a fighter jet pilot


The augmented reality space may still be in its relative infancy, but AR smartphone apps like Pokémon Go and Snapchat are quickly taking the technology mainstream. 

And while smartphones seem like the natural fit for AR now, some are hoping for something less smartphone-specific that you can wear on your face (think a smaller, less bulky HoloLens style device). 

On Wednesday, Everysight announced the development of the Raptor smart glasses, a device designed for cyclists that puts real-time data such as speed, distance, time, heart rate (when connected to a separate heart rate monitor) and even turn-by-turn navigation on a clear visor directly in the rider’s line of sight.  Read more…

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This spokeless bike is straight out of the future


Cyclotron‘ is an ambitious bicycle design, made out of super light carbon fiber and airless, spokeless wheels. 

The wheels also double up as utility slots. The bike changes gears electronically and has an app to monitor trips.  Read more…

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Teen films epic journey to catch flight amidst earthquake rubble


Missing your flight can really ruin your day. But for one New Zealand teen, even the devastation caused by massive earthquakes wasn’t going to stop him getting to the airport on time. 

18-year-old Jackson Lidgard’s family became trapped on their remote farm, and nearby roads and rail were rendered useless by earthquakes with magnitudes of up to 7.8 on the South Island a fortnight ago.

So Lidgard became the human embodiment of determination — cycling for two hours and 25 kilometres (15 miles) to Kaikōura airport while filming the broken New Zealand landscape along the way.

The environmental management student told Newshub NZ that nothing was going to stop him from catching his flight to Christchurch. The teen was scheduled to judge an electric vehicle competition there and cancelling just wasn’t an option. Read more…

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