Watch Elton John shut down this journalist that said he’s retiring


During a performance at Newcastle’s Metro Arena, Sir Elton John dismissed tabloid rumours that he would be retiring from his 50-year career in music (and that he has three chefs). 

His comment to the reporter who wrote the piece?

“Fuck off.”

The English singer-songwriter held none of his distaste back, elaborating, “The journalist who spread this rumour is an absolute plank. 

“I know because she has interviewed me before and it is like talking to a dead newt.”

I think the lesson here is that if you spread rumours about Rocket Man, he will blast you back.  Read more…

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Viral discontent: Daily Mail says Elite Daily is essentially worthless


One of the most popular viral phenoms of the digital media boom is now essentially worthless. 

That’s not the claim of an analyst or disgruntled ex-employees; it’s the conclusion reached by the Daily Mail, the company that bought Elite Daily in January 2015 for around $40 million. 

The publishing company (DMGT) behind the Daily Mail wrote down the value of Elite Daily in its earnings report released on Thursday. In doing so, DMGT is saying that Elite Daily is worth far less than it had previously valued the viral content publisher.

The good news is that Elite Daily is bringing in more money. The bad news is that its losing far more. The company noted that Elite Daily’s “audience retention and revenue growth have been disappointing and losses have exceeded expectations.” Read more…

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Daily Mail tweet about ‘Britain’s best looking couple’ instantly becomes meme


LONDON — If you ask the internet something, you might not always get the answer you were expecting.

The question “Is THIS Britain’s best looking couple?,” which was tweeted on Monday night by the Daily Mail‘s @Femail account alongside photos of a couple from Essex, is a classic example of this — they were probably expecting a “yes” or “no” type reply, but the whole thing quickly got a lot more… well unconventional.

Is THIS Britain’s best looking couple? Pair they claim they get stopped in the street for being so beautiful

— Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) November 28, 2016 Read more…

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