Dash cam captures a man rescuing a teeny kitten that wandered into traffic



Dashboard cameras are typically placed in vehicles to avoid insurance fraud, but sometimes they catch some pretty incredible moments that unfold on the streets.

In a recent dash cam clip from Russia, a teeny kitty wanders out into traffic right in front of the camera, and attempts to hide directly underneath a stopped car. But thanks to a lot of luck and a quick reaction from the driver, the kitten escapes the ordeal pretty much unfazed.

The man who rescued the cat seems a bit confused as to what to do with it after he brought it to safety, but luckily another car pulls over at the end of the clip to help him out.  Read more…

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Super dangerous Brazilian motorcycle chase is something out of an action film



Apparently action movies aren’t all that unrealistic. 

An alleged thief armed with a motorcycle as a getaway vehicle attempted to evade police capture with some reckless driving through the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. Unfortunately for the robber, the cops had a motorcycle of their own.

Warning: This video is loud.

The two blaze through the streets of São Paulo, often going the wrong way until the suspect tests his luck one too many times by going through a red light at an intersection. 

Thankfully, it seems as if nobody was seriously injured in the ordeal. Read more…

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