Fox instantly regrets attempting to pounce on vole hiding in snow


LONDON — Hunting for small creatures must be a tall order at the best of times. But it becomes vastly more complex when they’re concealed beneath a huge blanket of snow.

Foxes that stalk the prairies in North America during wintertime know this only too well. During a segment of Planet Earth II the trials of one particular fox — who was trying really, really hard to hunt a vole — captured the nation’s heart.

“The food the fox seeks is also deep beneath the snow,” explained David Attenborough, after describing how a herd of bison are forced to break through the white blanket to get to the grass beneath. Read more…

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Sassy dancing lizard is breakout star of ‘Planet Earth II’


LONDON — You haven’t seen true sass until you’ve witnessed a shovel-snouted lizard dancing on hot desert sand.

The fast little critter was introduced during Sunday’s episode of Planet Earth II, which focused on desert animals.

“In the heat of the day, surface temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees — far too hot to handle for most,” said Attenborough.

“But not for this shovel-snouted lizard.”

The world’s sassiest lizard#PlanetEarth2

— BBC One (@BBCOne) November 27, 2016

Just look at him: that’s prime reptilian sass, right there. And he gets to cool his little feet off at the same time, so it’s a total win-win. Read more…

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Lion instantly regrets attempting to take down giraffe


LONDON — If someone asked you to predict the outcome of a pack of lions hunting a fleeing giraffe, you probably wouldn’t bet too heavily on the giraffe.

But that’s where you’d be wrong.

As we found out during Sunday’s episode of Planet Earth II, giraffes are significantly tougher than their spindly frames suggest.

Lion versus giraffe doesn’t sound like a fair fight. But I get the feeling I’m about to be proved wrong #PlanetEarth2

— Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner) November 27, 2016

Early on in the episode, David Attenborough narrated a scene in which a hungry pack of lions were hunting down a giraffe. Read more…

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