Man calls out entire office with the perfect ugly Christmas sweater


Some people panic when they have nothing to wear, others get crafty.

Reddit user sojaminc didn’t know what to wear to his office’s holiday party, so he and his girlfriend worked together to create the ultimate DIY ugly Christmas sweater.

Check out the pair’s masterful handiwork below.

We’ve got to say, this has the potential to be the ugliest Christmas sweater we’ve ever seen.

(Just kidding.) Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’ Mr. Bear toy is the shared-viewing experience we want


Netflix is hoping to pull on some heartstrings this holiday season with a brand new way to snuggle up to loved ones near and far. 

The company announced the specs for “Connected Mr. Bear,” a plush teddy based on Stephanie Tanner’s beloved toy from the early seasons of the original run of Full House. The second season of the Fuller House revival series set to stream Dec. 9, so Netflix is hoping to double down on its nostalgia and sentimentality.   

Connected Mr. Bear promises a special Fuller House viewing experience. With one Mr. Bear in one living room and a second, paired bear in another house far away, their synced “cuddle sensors” blink three times and activate a Netflix-connected device, turning on Fuller House. That way, viewers can watch (and cuddle) together. This video shows how it works: Read more…

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Get rebellious with us in this ‘Rogue One’ homemade trailer


The first Star Wars anthology film stars Felicity Jones in a fight to steal the plans for the Death Star. We wanted to join in on the fun by recreating the trailer with just practical homemade effects!

Watch the side-by-side comparison with the original.

Watch the behind-the-scenes.

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