The internet is rallying to help fund this dog’s facelift


LONDON — An internet campaign to help fund a facelift for a Shar-Pei called Hector has passed the halfway mark.

The dog is currently under the care of Halfway Home Dog Rescue in Collingham, UK. Hector was found abandoned and the home took him in to stop him from being put to sleep when no one claimed him.

The home has said that Hector, whose skin is rubbing against his eyes, will need an operation to stop him from going blind. The organization is currently trying to raise between £1,500 and £3,000 to pay for a facelift. Read more…

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Are you the owner of this dog wearing a sweater and blue pants?


Has your dog gone missing? If so, was your dog last seen wearing a sweater and blue pants?

Yesterday afternoon, the Bellevue, Washington police department tweeted a photo of a missing dog that has been climbing in retweets.

In their description, they mentioned that the dog was “wearing a sweater and blue pants” and included a captivating photo.

Is this your dog? Caught by Officer at Robinswood Park. Was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and very angry. Contact @VCAPetHealth Issaquah

— Bellevue, WA Police (@BvuePD) December 1, 2016 Read more…

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Puppy finds adorable way to clean his pee puddle


Good boy, Pablo!

Most dogs accidentally go #1 (or even worse, #2) from time to time in the house – but Pablo just might be the first dog to clean his mess up himself.

When the pup wasn’t able to make it outside to use nature’s bathroom, he was forced to use his human’s bathroom (well, the floor of his human’s bathroom). His human then tweeted a photo of the toilet paper wad Pablo the puppy lovingly created to soak up his pee.

Of course, the dog could also have just messed around with the roll of toilet paper after his bathroom break, but it’s more fun to think of him as being a clean canine.

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Russell Brand’s giant dog has zero tolerance for his singing


There are two key takeaways from this video: 1) Russell Brand has a truly awesome dog, and 2) Russell Brand’s truly awesome dog does not enjoy being serenaded.

In the clip above, which was shared on Brand’s Facebook page on Sunday evening, Brand sings the Cheers theme song to his dog, Bear.

From the looks of it, Bear isn’t a big fan of Cheers.

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Dog in love with her Santa toy finally got to meet the real thing


It seems like dogs are getting all the early presents this year, meeting real-life versions of their favourite toys.

The latest is Kya, a Shiba from Orlando in Florida who is in love with her Santa toy. This year, her dream came true: She got to meet the real thing — and sit on his lap too.

The photo of the encounter was shared by her owner John Montaldo on Twitter Wednesday, and boy, she looks pretty damn happy.

My dogs favorite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him

— John (@jjmontaldo) November 23, 2016 Read more…

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