Gang of dogs in Russia steal woman’s groceries


Some dog’s don’t deserve the title of man’s best friend.

The dogs that roam the streets of Moscow are known to be pretty intuitive; some of them have even been seen navigating the city’s complex subway system. But when it’s time for some grub, these dogs also know a quick way to score a bite to eat.

A group of three dogs were recently spotted ganging up on a poor woman exiting a grocery store. After a few moments of the dogs jumping on her, she finally gave in and handed the big one a loaf of bread. 

It’s unclear if the woman previously made the mistake of feeding these dogs or if they just run a food-stealing ring that operates out of the grocery store. Read more…

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Singer lulls puppy to sleep with acapella Christmas tune


No matter how cute your puppy is, sometimes making him sleep is the only way to get yourself a little peace and quiet.

YouTuber Rachel Smith found the perfect way to get her adorable dog to do just that – by singing a soulful, acapella rendition of ”Christmas Time is Here.”

Rachel, can we please get a full version of your beautiful voice singing this song, set to the serene image of your pup sleeping?

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Loyal dog still waits for college student to get off her former bus every day


Eighteen-year-old Carly Dunn left her hometown of Duluth, Georgia this year and headed off to college. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell Bo, the family dog.

As a result, Bo still waits every afternoon for Carly to get off the school bus — just like she used to in high school.

Last week, Carly tweeted a photo of the loyal Bo alongside a text message from her mother. “Your old bus just went by,” it said. “Bo still hopes you are getting off after all this time.”

I’ve been in college for a whole semester and my dog still waits for me to get off the bus

— carly (@carlysodunn) November 29, 2016 Read more…

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Treat-balancing dog exhibits a willpower the rest of us can only dream of


Imagine someone placing a delicious cookie on your nose. Who among us would not eat that cookie?

Well, this dog has more willpower than the rest of us — and is great at balancing treats on its nose to boot. According to its owner, the practice is a daily routine to beef up the pet’s communication skills.

And, yes, the dog gets to eat the treats — eventually.

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Dog really into leather craftsmanship right now


YouTube user Alyssa Antal walked into her dining room to find her dog marveling at the fringe on her purse. 

Chalk it up to an admiration for quality leather craft or the need for a very light-touch massage. 

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Toddler and his labradoodle are the most adorable duo to ever exist


These are the cutest best friends you’ll ever see.

Two-year-old foster child Buddy and his Labradoodle best friend, Reagan, were pals from the moment they met.

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“My daughter was fostering two boys, ages two and five,” Sandi Swiridoff, Buddy’s grandmother told Mashable, “When the time came for them to move to a forever family my heart ached at the thought of no longer being involved in their lives.”

“I needed something to focus on, to pour love and attention into,” she continued, “[adopting] Reagan the dog did just that.” Read more…

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Please do not give your pets alcohol these holidays, or like ever


Not sure why, but there’s always someone out there who thinks it’ll be really funny to give an animal a sip of their beer.

Well no surprises, but it’s a really dumb idea.

In Australia, veterinarians come across higher rates of alcohol toxicity in animals during the holiday season, either thanks to idiots or because pets accidentally become exposed to small amounts of alcohol laying around.

Just a week after some jerks fed a native quokka UDL vodka from a can, the Australian Veterinarian Association (AVA) has condemned the all-too-common holiday past time of letting animals try your alcohol Read more…

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The internet thinks this Pekingese was robbed at the National Dog Show


A beautiful greyhound might have won the trophy on Thursday — but it was Chuck who captured viewers’ hearts.

Gia, a 4-year-old greyhound, took home Best in Show at the 2016 National Dog Show. The dog-studded event was broadcast on NBC Thursday. 

The winner (full name: GrandCru Giaconda) was praised by the judges for her beauty and showmanship.

“Gia fits the Greyhound standard perfectly and also gives that extra showmanship,” said one of the Best in Show judges, according to People. “She has a head like a snake and can really gallop. A lot of Greyhounds don’t have that showmanship.” Read more…

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