NFL suspends player for using marijuana to treat Crohn’s disease


The NFL handed Buffalo Bills lineman Seantrel Henderson a 10-game suspension on Tuesday for violating the league’s controlled substance policy. 

Henderson was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last year, and uses marijuana to cope with the effects. His 10-game suspension comes after serving an additional four-game suspension at the beginning of the 2016 season for marijuana use. 

Henderson’s suspension provides even more fuel to the heated debate on the NFL’s arguably overbearing policy on marijuana use. 

“There is zero allowable medical exemption for this per the NFL,” Henderson’s agent Brian Fetter said after his first suspension, per Deadspin, “however, there clearly should be.” Read more…

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‫TV station apologises for sharing tips for covering up domestic violence injuries


Moroccan TV program Sabahiyat has left a bad taste in the mouths of viewers, after it ran a segment showing female viewers how to cover up domestic abuse injuries with makeup.

Airing last Wednesday, channel 2M’s morning show brought on make-up artist Lilia Mouline to offer women tips. Specifically, tips on how to use make-up to “camouflage traces of violence.”

Once the video was uploaded to social media, the condemnation was swift.

Using a model who was seemed to have the appearance of bruising on her face, Mouline said “We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life.” Read more…

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Woman stabbed 11 times shares powerful message about domestic violence


In Australia, Friday marked White Ribbon Day, part of an ongoing campaign to end violence against women. 

It’s something important to Sydney-based doctor Angela Jay, 28, who nearly lost her life three weeks ago. Jay was stabbed 11 times and was doused in petrol by Paul Dennis Lambert, a man who she met on Tinder. 

Jay is one of the lucky ones, compared to the numerous women who died due to domestic and family violence this year, something that she wrote about in a Facebook post on Friday.

“Today is White Ribbon Day and also Thanksgiving in the U.S. Both have particular significance for me this year as I almost lost my life 3 weeks ago in a very violent way,” Jay wrote. Read more…

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