‘Finding Dory’ recut as a thriller is the stuff of nightmares



Disney-Pixar never fails to bring us the most heartwarming animated stories, from Toy Story to the latest hit, Moana. But what if they took some of those darker pasts into a more sinister direction? Dory would never be the same again.

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‘Finding Dory’ recut as a thriller is the new ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’



Disney-Pixar maintains its box office streak with Moana but what if they turned one of their classics into a more darker, twisted story plot? Would they still swim up the box office ranks? We thought we’d give it a try.

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Enjoy watching Milo Ventimiglia do push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres on his back



Jess Mariano grew up to be suspiciously buff. 

Milo Ventimiglia, who currently stars as a ’70s-era dad to three on This Is Us, visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the show. And, like Justin Bieber before him, he participated in the great tradition of showing off your muscles on daytime television. 

Ventimiglia recreated an especially tender moment on the show between his character and his adopted son, Randall, by giving Ellen the same treatment. 

“His adopted father literally carried him on his back and showed him that he will be there for his son for his entire life,” explained Ventimiglia. “And so we did a bunch of push-ups.”  Read more…

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Justin Bieber will go on his first stadium tour in 2017



Justin Bieber, who is not a big fan of people screaming while he performs, is currently plotting his first ever stadium tour. 

Bieber will hit the road again in North America following his rocky Purpose tour at the end of the summer in 2017, which should give him some time to hang out poolside and not Instagram before he returns to sing to the masses.

Bieber stopped by Ellen to make the announcement and show off his biceps. 

The dates so far:
August 5
 Pasadena, CA at Rose Bowl Stadium

August 12 Denver, CO at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Read more…

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Jennifer Aniston’s husband gave her the best Thanksgiving surprise this year



In case you were wondering, yes, Jennifer Aniston’s life is just like a rom-com. 

The actress stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about tabloids, the expectations of motherhood and to play charades. But while on the famous couch, Aniston also shared a sweet story about her husband, actor Justin Theroux, and the delightful Thanksgiving surprise from him this year. 

“We had just been together the week prior and I was going to London to do some work,” she explained. 

Being the sneaky husband he is, Theroux told Aniston his schedule was completely booked for the holiday week, therefore breaking tradition of having dinner with friends the night before Thanksgiving.  Read more…

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