If you’re not tweeting about ‘Hairspray Live’ did you even watch it?



The latest entry into NBC’s live musical oeuvre, Hairspray Live!, aired Wednesday night and — as anyone who watched Sound of Music Live! or The Wiz Live! is well aware — half the fun of these giant productions is watching it with your friends.

And by “friends” of course we mean fellow musical theater nerds on Twitter. 

Below are some second-screen highlights from the three-hour broadcast. 

First of all, Dove Cameron was definitely a breakout star.

Dove Cameron and Kristen Chenoweth are destined to play a musical mother-daughter duo for the rest of eternity #HairsprayLive

— Rachel (@rachelalbon) December 8, 2016 Read more…

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Isla Fisher dedicates her film award to Donald Trump for a hilarious reason



Whatever you might think of president-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania, at least they’ve paved the way for less-than-qualified people to achieve great success. Big success. Huge.

That’s why Isla Fisher gave thanks, when she received the Trailblazer Award at the AACTAs, Australia’s most prestigious honours for the film industry. 

The 40-year-old wife for Sacha Baron Cohen did a Melania: A tongue-in-cheek recital of the soon-to-be First Lady’s speech from the Republican National Convention. Yep, the one which face plagiarism accusations earlier this year. Read more…

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Former NFL star Andre Johnson treats needy kids to a $20K Christmas shopping spree



Andre Johnson retired from the NFL on Oct. 31 after a legendary career as a wide receiver, but his many accomplishments on the field are nothing compared to this. 

Johnson took a dozen children on a Wednesday morning holiday shopping spree in the Houston area, footing a bill that came out to nearly $20,000. 

Johnson played most of his career with the Houston Texans. He worked with Child Protective Services to find a dozen kids who could use a boost this holiday season, according to Houston’s ABC News affiliate. He then gave the kids 80 seconds to run wild at a Toys “R” Us, promising to foot the bill for all the toys they could grab.  Read more…

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Flying an X-Wing in virtual reality is absurdly cool



Is the Rogue One-inspired X-Wing mission in Star Wars: Battlefront the best reason to own a PlayStation VR right now?

Yes. Yes it is.

The free virtual reality minigame feels like a dumbed down version of the classic PC game X-Wing, reborn. You hop into the iconic rebel fighter’s cockpit, blast a few TIE Fighters into oblivion and run circles around an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Oh yeah, you also get to watch the stars melt away right in front of you as your attack fighter leaps into hyperspace. OMG.

The Battlefront virtual reality mission is the best kind of fan service. Criterion Games, the studio that built it, had the right idea. Before the mission even starts, you’re deposited in an empty space with a parked X-Wing in front of you. Read more…

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NFL player shows up to press conference dressed in Yoda onesie



Steve Smith is either A) 36 days late to Halloween or B) really stoked for ‘Rogue One‘ next week. 

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver showed up to Wednesday’s press conference dressed as Yoda, everyone’s favorite Jedi Master.

Smith offered no explanation as to why he chose that particular attire, besides saying, “It’s been a while since I wore a onesie,” per ESPN‘s Jamison Hensley.

Steve Smith Sr. In Yoda costume as he addresses mediapic.twitter.com/k0pB8L1n8t

— Jeff Zrebiec (@jeffzrebiecsun) December 7, 2016 Read more…

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The delightful arrogance of college basketball’s leading scorer



Locked in a close college basketball game with under three minutes to play, should you: (A) Launch a 25-footer midway through the shot clock; (B) Precede that three-pointer with a pointless spin move; or (C) Saunter back on defense soaking up the fan love?

The answer is (D), all of the above. At least if you’re Central Michigan guard Marcus Keene, that is. 

Keene pulled off the cheekiest college hoops shot in recent memory Tuesday night when he dribbled behind his back while executing a reverse spin move way out behind the three-point line before pulling a very deep jumper that found the bottom of the net.  Read more…

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This video is all you need to know about Trump appointee Linda McMahon



Donald Trump has named former WWE president and CEO Linda McMahon (pictured above) to his cabinet to lead the Small Business Administration. 

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This list of iconic movie quotes goes up to 11



If we asked you for the most iconic, most quotable movie lines of all time, you’d come up with at least a dozen on the spot, right? 

CineFix certainly did. In fact, they pulled together an even hundred for good measure. Whether it’s a killer one-liner, a bit of cinematic poetry, or the unexpected delivery of an ordinary phrase, these are the lines that became synonymous with their movies’ cultural impact.

Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/cinefix Read more…

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Someone figured out the death totals on ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Walking Dead’



If you don’t watch Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, you probably at least know that the ubiquitous shows feature unusually high death tolls.

Artist Nantes Ryka wasn’t satisfied not knowing which of the two gory series has actually been the most deathly. So he created a detailed infographic that shows a clear winner (if killing more characters makes something a winner, that is).

Ryka declares The Walking Dead to have caused 1,216 casualties, while Game of Thrones caused a mere 704.

The infographic catalogues the first five seasons of each show. If it weren’t for the casual murderers of more than 1,000 zombies on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones would have been crowned most deathly. Read more…

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Larry Bird just turned 60, so let’s talk about his iconic 60-point game in 1985



There’s a weirdly introspective aspect to seeing your sports heroes age, and it hit again Wednesday. 

Make no mistake, Larry Bird was always old to most of us of a certain age — but he was never that old. If you’re in your 20s or 30s today, he was the guy who came right before Jordan and Shaq and the other hoops heroes who hooked us as kids and made us sports fans for life. Bird was the just over the horizon in the rearview mirror — but still within signal range. 

Now he’s old old, which has unfortunate implications for the rest of us as well. Yup, Bird turned 60 on WednesdaySixty! Where do the years go? But enough sentimental rumination. This is also a time to look back.  Read more…

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