So, that happened: Al Gore meets with Donald and Ivanka Trump on climate


Former vice president Al Gore met with President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka on Monday, to discuss climate change. 

The president-elect is a well-known climate change doubter—and now, the only climate change-denying global leader—who’s taken a stance on climate issues in direct opposition to that of Gore and the world’s scientists, who believe global warming is primarily human-caused, and warrants urgent action.

After the meeting, Gore told the press that the meeting was “a sincere search for common ground,” and “extremely productive.”

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Bernie burns House Science Committee after devastating Breitbart retweet


The House of Representatives’ Committee on Science, Space and Technology sent a tweet on Thursday linking to an article on the conservative media outlet Breitbart, saying that Earth’s temperatures are in a “plunge.” 

Judging from reactions on Twitter — one of which was a stinging burn tweeted by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont — many are finding it deeply and sadly ironic that the Science Committee doesn’t recognize the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real and influenced by human activity.

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