Distraught woman whose house burned down gets uplifting surprise



A massive fire destroyed eight buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts, including the home of one cat lover, who got an uplifting surprise after the blaze was knocked down Saturday. 

Despite the tragic loss of her home, firefighters were able to save her two cats. The woman was overjoyed to see her pets again amid the chaos, and her friend, Justin Khoo, captured the reunion in a touching video.

“My friend’s house was involved in a massive fire. She didn’t think her cats survived. Here she is finding them alive!” he wrote on Reddit. Read more…

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Inside the Oakland artist warehouse that tragically burned down



Before the “Ghost Ship” became the a scene of a deadly fire in Oakland, California, the building was an artist workspace and a makeshift boarding house.

The 4,000-square-foot converted warehouse contained an elaborate maze of slapdash living quarters, artist studios, junk storage and an open space for late-night dance parties, like the one that drew up to 100 people on Dec. 2. 

Big colorful rugs and well-worn sofas filled the rooms, while a vast collection of pianos, guitars, turntables, paintings and other objects you might find in an antique store lay scattered around the loft-like interior, according to pictures on Ghost Ship’s website. Read more…

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Harrowing image of melted car shows devastation of Tennessee wildfires



The town of Gatlinburg, Tenn., is just coming to grips with the wildfires that left at least 10 people dead.

Officials said about 75 people were injured, and recovery efforts are currently focusing on searching for more survivors, the Associated Press reported. A full day of rain helped settle the blaze by Thursday morning, revealing a heartbreaking path of debris and destruction. 

The sheer heat of the flames was made all the more real by photographs capturing the aftermath. One image shows the empty shell of a car, its tires gone, aluminum hubcaps melted and metal dripping away from the vehicle. Read more…

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Dolly Parton ‘heartbroken’ by raging wildfire that causes Dollywood to close



Dolly Parton’s famous Dollywood theme park near the Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee was closed Tuesday as a wildfire ravaged the area and made its way seriously close to the park’s border.

The legendary attraction, a Parton-themed collection of roller coasters, water rides and other attractions along with a resort and mountain cabins, was expected to remain shuttered through Wednesday, park spokesman Pete Owens told Mashable.

Dolly said she was “heartbroken” by the fire, which seems to have spared her domain for now — although it did reportedly reach “right on the doorstep.”

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Man livestreams harrowing escape from wildfire



“We just got stuck, we’re turning around. There’s power lines and trees blocking the road. We cannot get out.”

Those are the first words viewers hear when they start watching a video uploaded to Facebook by Michael Luciano, who’s in a vehicle along with one other person as they roll over burned up branches and through sheets of smoke, trying to escape a raging fire that has scorched much of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, over the past 24 hours.

The video is apocalyptic. Spots of fire glow orange at the edge of the road. Cabins are engulfed in roiling flames. The sky, normally navy blue above the bare tops of the trees, glows red.  Read more…

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