‘Dead’ fish miraculously comes back to life the moment the toilet flushes



Either this beta fish had a terribly short life or it hatched an amazing escape plan.

Fish owner Brook Essick was transferring her fish Dane from a small glass to a large tank after a cleaning when something went wrong. Moments after the transfer, Dane’s body became lifeless, and Essick presumed the poor fish dead.

“When we put him back in the bowl, he swam for probably five seconds and then just immediately ‘died’ and started floating,” Essick told Mashable.

Essick was unable to confirm that Dane still had life left in his small fishy body, so she did what most fish owners do when their loved ones die, and she flushed Dane off to fishy heaven. Read more…

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This theme park thought skating on 5,000 dead fish would be fun and not creepy at all



Fancy skating over more than 5,000 frozen fish? Didn’t think so. 

A theme park in Japan has been forced to close its skating rink after it received a wave of criticism over its main feature: dead sprats and mackerels trapped under ice so that people can skate on them. 

Space World, in the southern city of Kitakyushu, opened its quirky attraction earlier this month. 

A series of tweets promoting the feature caused heated reactions online. Images of the fish were posted on social media, some of them with their mouths still open, while others arranged to form arrows under the ice or spell out “hello”.  Read more…

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