EpiPen maker Mylan is on an apology tour, we saw it, and it’s not going well



Mylan CEO Heather Bresch took the stage on Thursday, ready for a confrontation. 

Chief executive for the now-infamous pharmaceutical company that hiked the price of the EpiPen—that ubiquitous device so many children (and plenty of adults) depend on in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction—Bresch knew she wasn’t the most popular one in the room. 

Even at a conference full of like-minded healthcare professionals, she faced a hostile crowd. 

“Considering all the good work you’ve done with HIV,” one audience member at the Forbes Healthcare Summit asked about Mylan, “why did you ruin it with the EpiPen?”  Read more…

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Even without new music, Taylor Swift is the highest-paid musician of 2016



That’s one way to shake off the haters. Taylor Swift topped Forbes’ list of the 30 highest-paid musicians in the world

The 2016 list includes Rihanna, Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and even Swift’s ex Calvin Harris — but Swift swept them all away. At $170 million in annual earnings, she beat out the second-highest paid musical outfit, One Direction ($110 million), which no longer even exists. 

“She not only delivers with solid music and great live concert performance experiences, but she is also young, poised, beautiful and—so far—relatively non-controversial,” said Fox Rothschild attorney Lori Landew. “Brands … see her as a safe and reliable spokesperson who is very aware of her brand equity and is strategic about protecting its value.” Read more…

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