After Onstage Demo at WWDC 2015, Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite’ Will Officially Launch on Mac This July

Epic Games and People Can Fly today announced that the long-in-development survival crafting game Fortnite will finally launch with paid early access on July 25, coming to Mac, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Epic Games creative director Darren Sugg said that Fortnite will eventually "evolve into a free-to-play title during 2018," but for those who want to play the game this summer, a few paid bundles will be up for offer.

There are four tiers that players can choose from to pre-order Fortnite on the game's website, including a Standard Edition ($39.99), Deluxe Edition ($59.99), Super Deluxe Edition ($89.99) and Limited Edition ($149.99). The differences between each tier mainly focus on player-boosting statuses as they get more expensive, including XP boosts, extra inventory slots, and even additional versions of the game for friends.

Anyone who pre-orders will get a four-day head start on everyone else, with access opening up on July 21.
It is our intent that Fortnite will evolve into a free-to-play title during 2018. However, we wanted to give people the opportunity to gain Early Access to the game along with exclusive stuff and in-game events that come with Founder’s Packs.

So if you want to come hang out with some cool folks, get tons of cool loot, and help make Fortnite more awesome … jump on board and help us build the community. Still not sure? That's cool too. You decide when you want to jump onto the train. We mean it. No BS. We will be here when you are ready to build kick-ass forts with your friends!
The game itself is a survival experience where players spend the daytime looting materials to build forts, which will eventually provide some form of protection from enemies as nighttime falls. Players can build any kind of fort they desire with the game's deep editing tools, and defend themselves with a selection of long- and close-range weapons like sniper rifles, rocket launchers, lasers, katanas, and shotguns.

There are four core classes in Fortnite, including Outlanders, Soldiers, Ninjas, and Constructors, which encourage teamwork among players as they try to survive. Sugg said that the Fortnite team plans to add new content "monthly(ish)," to the game across all platforms, with events, new heroes, new creatures, traps, and weapons.

Epic Games revealed Fortnite in December of 2011, and showcased the game onstage during Apple's WWDC keynote in 2015. During the demo, Fortnite was used as an example of the graphics prowess offered by Metal, which Apple had just debuted at the time on Mac. Epic Games also released a trailer for the game that year using footage captured with a Mac Pro.

For more information on Fortnite, check out the game's website, which includes a look into the world of the game as well as its characters.

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