This shape-shifting furniture assembles like LEGO


Remember that wooden self-assembling chair? This is the improved, significantly cheaper and more sustainable version.

SPYNTEX‘ offers sets for adults and kids which can be used to create a variety of different shapes, furniture and toys. It’s basically LEGO for the entire family. Read more…

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7 tech gifts for the filthy rich


You shun Black Friday and Cyber Monday as discount feeding frenzies that you’d never partake of. And when limited-edition sneakers are immediately sold out just minutes after release, you don’t flinch at paying a $1,000 premium for impossible to get $150 shoes. If this describes you or a friend you plan on gifting, then you’ve arrived the right place.

The following are a few money-is-no-object options to impress your friends and family who are lucky enough to know someone flush with the sweetest holiday nog: disposable income.  

Image: caviar  Read more…

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