12 gifts for your kinda-sorta-not-quite boyfriend or girlfriend



LONDON — So, you’ve been seeing each other for a while. You’re not quite sure if they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend and you’re not quite ready to pop the question. 

As you ruminate your relationship status — or lack thereof — the universe deals you a blow. The holidays.

Sure, the holidays are fine when you’re loved up and able to casually throw around words like “love”, “couple” and “relationship”. But, what about your casual lover, fuck buddy, or the person who’s kinda-sorta-not-quite your boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Why should couples — and not casual daters — be the centre of gift-giving? Read more…

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25 gifts for people who treat their dogs like children



We all have that one friend.

She’s the one whose Instagram account doubles as a modeling portfolio for her great dane. He’s the one who considers himself a doting father to his bearded collie. When you meet her for coffee, she pulls out her phone and shows you sweet photos of her dachshund splayed out across her pillow.

These are the canine, people-approved gifts they’ll all want this year.

1Instagramable emoji squeaky toys

Image: Barkshop

Price: From $30.00

2A canvas pet tote

Image: barkshop

Price: From $160.00 Read more…

3A dog-bowl water bottle

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25 gifts for the cheese-lover in your life



The friend who generously shares her expensive French cheeses deserves a proper token of gratitude. 

Consider a holiday gift that speaks to her interest in all things creamy, cultured and excessively smelly.

We’ve got 25 options that’ll melt any cheese lover’s cheddar-block heart into fondue.

1A cheese-wedge necklace

Image: etsy

Price: $9.80

2A pair of grilled cheese sandwich earrings

Image: etsy

Price: From $25.15

3A grilled cheese ring

Image: etsy

Price: $9.50

4A pair of cheesy cufflinks

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21 holiday gift ideas for the marijuana lover in your life



Weed won big in 2016.

The 2016 election brought legal recreational cannabis to four more states, continuing a trend of ending a decades long prohibition on the sticky icky. With legalization comes normalization, and more than ever people are feeling more comfortable with admitting that they like the green.

So, now that the holidaze are upon us, consider treating the lovable stoner in your life with one of the following gifts. Or just give them cash so they can go buy some weed. 

1The Stoner’s Coloring Book

For the artistic or anxious stoner.

Price: $10 

2Magical Butter 2E

For the stoner that loves to cook pot cookies. Read more…

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Donald Trump’s Christmas ornament made Amazon reviews great again



The Donald J. Trump campaign surprised “Make America Great Again” supporters with a new holiday gift just before Thanksgiving. For $150, you can own a Christmas ornament shaped like the red MAGA hats.   

But there’s another surprise — a priceless one — that just keeps on giving. Amazon users took to the product page, where the ornament was unavailable as of Thursday morning, to leave what we can bet to be fake, but nevertheless hilarious reviews. 

Out of 1,501 customer reviews, 90 percent are for one star while 7 percent are five stars. Here’s some of the best: Read more…

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