10 best new cards in ‘Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’



Hearthstone just introduced 132 new cards with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan‘s release Thursday, and some of them look pretty amazing.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brings with it a few game-changing features like tri-class cards and potions, but with everything out in the open now, we are taking a look at which of the new cards will probably be coming out on top as the meta unfolds. You’ll definitely want to shuffle these into your decks.

If you want to peruse all 132 cards that came out with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, you can check them out here. Read more…

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Here are all 132 new cards in ‘Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’



Hearthstone just got a whole lot meaner.

The latest Hearthstone expansion — Mean Streets of Gadgetzan — released on Thursday, bringing 132 brand new cards to Blizzard’s competitive card game. With all-new powerful pirates, menacing Murlocs and crooked criminals entering the fray, the Hearthstone meta is sure to be shaken up.

Below, we’ve gathered all the new cards from Hearthstone‘s fourth card expansion for your perusal.

Some of them have a brand new symbol on the left side under the card’s mana cost, signifying that they are a tri-class card and can be used by three different class decks. Cards with crossed cudgels are part of the Grimy Goons crime family — Hunters, Warriors, and Paladins; cards with potions are part of the Kabal — Mages, Priests, and Warlocks; and cards with a lotus are part of the Jade Lotus — Druids, Rogues, and Shamans. Read more…

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‘Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ is coming Dec. 1



Mark your calendars — the latest Hearthstone expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, is coming very soon.

Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is releasing Dec. 1, Blizzard revealed during a live stream showing off a ton of new cards from the expansion and how eight of the nine classes are looking in the new meta.

The stream below begins at 9:44. The Warrior vs. Priest match starts at 11:50, the Priest vs. Hunter match starts at 30:32, the Druid vs. Paladin match starts at 42:05 and the Warlock vs. Rogue match starts at 57:21. 

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