‘No Man’s Sky’ just planted its flag as a next-gen ‘Minecraft’



The Foundation update for No Man’s Sky is here, and it’s remarkably familiar. Didn’t Minecraft tread this path already?

Back in May 2009, the game that would eventually be known as Minecraft launched as little more than an idea: Players could wander around a procedurally generated open world using tools to reshape it like an elaborate Lego sandbox.

A few months later, the earliest version of what would eventually become the game’s popular Survival mode — the core of Minecraft, in many ways — was introduced. Both modes of play evolved from there thanks to subsequent updates that added features and sanded down the rough edges. Read more…

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All the new ‘No Man’s Sky’ Foundation update features, summarized



No Man’s Sky is about to change in a major way. We already knew about the game’s previously teased Foundation update, and a newly released video gives a blow-by-blow account of how the game of space exploration and survival will level up.

You’ll be able to build bases, own massive freighters that function like mobile bases, teleport to your personal points of interest in the galaxy, establish farms, hire alien assistants and more. In short: No Man’s Sky will finally let you leave a lasting mark on its galaxy.

This is exciting. You can read the full patch notes right here.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ developer breaks long silence with update news



Hello Games finally has some news about what’s coming for No Man’s Sky, after more than two months of near-total silence.

An update issued Friday on the game’s website notes that “The Foundation Update” is coming “this week.” The name of the update has a double meaning: it introduces base-building mechanics to the game and it “[puts] in place a foundation for what is to come.”

That’s the extent of the details provided, though detailed patch notes — and the patch’s release — are expected to follow “soon.” The rest of the post addresses Hello’s extended silence since the September patch. Read more…

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