30 gifts for the person in your life obsessed with ‘Fixer Upper’



We all know someone that caught the Fixer Upper fever.

Randomly yelling “shiplap,” calling all children “kiddos” and distressing perfectly good furniture are all telltale signs that someone has caught the remodeling fever. Not that you can blame them — the empire built by Chip and Joanna Gaines lifted up by their popular HGTV show is addictive and cozy as hell.

So with season four of the show just getting underway, this is the perfect time to get your country-loving loved one something special for the holidays. 

Here are a couple of things to get you started, y’all.  Read more…

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25 gifts for people who treat their dogs like children



We all have that one friend.

She’s the one whose Instagram account doubles as a modeling portfolio for her great dane. He’s the one who considers himself a doting father to his bearded collie. When you meet her for coffee, she pulls out her phone and shows you sweet photos of her dachshund splayed out across her pillow.

These are the canine, people-approved gifts they’ll all want this year.

1Instagramable emoji squeaky toys

Image: Barkshop

Price: From $30.00

2A canvas pet tote

Image: barkshop

Price: From $160.00 Read more…

3A dog-bowl water bottle

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30 gifts for the person in your life who is still mad at Nate Silver



Have you heard the news about the election?

It was a real upset, especially because polls reflected an outcome which was not the one that ended up happening.

For some, placing trust in the polls was the only way they survived the weeks prior to the election. However, this resulted in a lot of anger following the results. Namely a lot of anger at Nate Silver, the man behind the site FiveThirtyEight

And if one of the people angry at Nate Silver happens to be on your holiday shopping list, then here are some ideas for what to buy them. Read more…

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25 gifts for the cheese-lover in your life



The friend who generously shares her expensive French cheeses deserves a proper token of gratitude. 

Consider a holiday gift that speaks to her interest in all things creamy, cultured and excessively smelly.

We’ve got 25 options that’ll melt any cheese lover’s cheddar-block heart into fondue.

1A cheese-wedge necklace

Image: etsy

Price: $9.80

2A pair of grilled cheese sandwich earrings

Image: etsy

Price: From $25.15

3A grilled cheese ring

Image: etsy

Price: $9.50

4A pair of cheesy cufflinks

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30 holiday cards for family members with a sense of humor



Not all greeting cards have to be the worst.

If you have a family with a sense of humor, the holidays are a perfect time to tell them, “I get you,” with a card.

Here are 30 holiday cards way better than a simple, dull “Happy holidays.”

1Holy Crap Christmas

Image: etsy

Price: $3.77

2Merry Christmas. Hopefully I Sent This by February

Image: etsy

Price: $5.00

3Let’s Get Lit Hanukkah Card

Image: etsy

Price: $3.50

4Kanye Beliebe It’s Christmas

Image: etsy

Price: $4.00

5A Seinfeld Festivus Card

Image: etsy

Price: $4.25 Read more…

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30 gifts for your cat, even if they’re an assh*le



They may be little monsters sometimes, they may ignore your calls and wake you up at the crack of dawn because they want food even though they have food in their bowl, but we love our cats regardless.

So don’t forget your feline friend when you’re shopping for gifts this year, because when you come home drunk after a day filled with family feuds, your cat will be there for you and will love you endlessly. 

From collars and bowls to special toys and houses, here are 30 gift ideas for your cat this holiday season. 

1OTO Ice Cream Truck

Price: $39

2. Cat Cabin

Price: $12.99  Read more…

3. Bamboo Cat Pod

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25 gifts for people who love naps



This holiday season, help your stressed out friends up their nap game.

While some of these items aren’t the most pleasing to look at (see: The absurd-looking Ostrich Pillow), they’re certainly the key to a cozier mid-day snooze.

1A giant sleep mask pillow

Image: etsy

Price: $30.00

2An Ostrich Pillow

Image: amazon

Price: $99.99

3A chunky knit blanket

Image: etsy

Price: From $295.00

4A bear hug pillow

Image: firebox

Price: $39.00

5A pair of sleep-friendly headphones

Image: amazon

Price: $39.95 Read more…

6A full-body pillow

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21 holiday gift ideas for the marijuana lover in your life



Weed won big in 2016.

The 2016 election brought legal recreational cannabis to four more states, continuing a trend of ending a decades long prohibition on the sticky icky. With legalization comes normalization, and more than ever people are feeling more comfortable with admitting that they like the green.

So, now that the holidaze are upon us, consider treating the lovable stoner in your life with one of the following gifts. Or just give them cash so they can go buy some weed. 

1The Stoner’s Coloring Book

For the artistic or anxious stoner.

Price: $10 

2Magical Butter 2E

For the stoner that loves to cook pot cookies. Read more…

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