People are mercilessly ridiculing Montreal’s scrawny Christmas tree


This year, Montreal wanted to have the tallest, most magnificent Christmas tree in all of North America. It did not do that.

But the city did achieve part of its goal. Its new fir is not the tallest in North America (it’s about six feet shorter than the Rockefeller Plaza tree), nor does anyone seem to find it magnificent in any way. But it sure is a tree! Good job on that.

And as it is a funny-looking thing displayed in public, people have lots of jokes about it. Hey, we shouldn’t be so harsh — Charlie Brown would probably be very impressed. Read more…

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People are decorating their Christmas trees in honor of Prince this year


Prince, who made everything he touched more exciting, is colliding with the holiday spirit this December.

A few fans are honoring the Purple One, who passed away in April, by decorating “Princemas trees” — festive holiday firs adorned with everything from purple bulbs to a delightful Prince tree topper.

Atlanta comedian Darrell Joyce was one of the first to post his Princemas tree to Facebook on Sunday, complete with a “When Doves Cry” quote.

And other Prince fans followed suit, sharing pics of their own purple holiday decor. Prince-themed Christmas ornaments — including a snowglobe — also appear to be a thing. Read more…

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Forget Santa, this family’s holiday light display is all about Prince


In Chaska, Minnesota, just five minutes away from Prince’s Paisley Park recording studio, there is a house.

But this particular house, decked out with holiday lights like many across America, is not just any house. This house decided to mourn the passing of musical legend Prince with a five-minute light show in honor of the artist, with “Purple Rain” and all. 

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Kid gets apology letter from thief after drunken reindeer display theft


This Grinch may have stole Christmas, but at least they were somewhat apologetic about it.

9-year-old Chiara Velardi from Sydney, Australia, woke up to find her much loved light-up reindeer stolen from her front lawn, reported 7 News

It turned out a carload of thieves had stopped by the house and nicked the display, which was all caught on CCTV camera. But just like Scrooge — they soon saw the light. So to speak.

While relatively inexpensive at A$75 (US$55), the four-year-old reindeer display had sentimental value to the family. It had been there for half of the Christmases of young Velardi’s life, and the family was considering ending their displays due to the theft. Read more…

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25 fun gifts to spruce up any apocalypse bunker


Every end-of-the-world hideaway needs a little personality.

Should the apocalypse — zombie, Trump or otherwise — arrive in 2017, you’ll want your loved ones to be prepared and stylish. So gift them a few of these fun supplies to make sure their moist underground cave rivals that of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Happy holidays, everyone. It’s time to make this bunker a home.

1A nice succulent

Image: Home Depot

Price: $10

2A peppy rug

Image: ikea

Price: $149

3A wacky hedgehog lamp

Image: Target

Price: $32 Read more…

4A candle that smells like outside

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Single guy’s romantic holiday photo is actually a hilarious goof


Being #ForeverAlone can be even harder around the holidays – couples are constantly kissing under mistletoe, holding hands while ice skating, and worst of all, sharing their romantic holiday cards all over the internet.

So, John Olmstead, 22, from Mattoon, Illinois, decided to poke fun at a certain holiday card trope in a pretty genius way.

Firstly, here’s the thumbnail of Olmstead’s photo, which seems to be a partial shot of a man and a woman in a casual embrace in front of Christmas presents.

Then, we zoom out to the surprising full shot. Read more…

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Dude creates what is possibly the most Australian Christmas tree ever


The holidays in Australia is scorching hot. Instead of eggnog and mulled wine, Australians are usually punching cans of cold beer.

It’s no wonder why Wes Boyd from Perth has built a giant Christmas tree made of 2536 cans of Victoria Bitter or VB. 

Measuring 4.4 metres (14.4 feet) high, it’s less a tree and more an almighty tribute to the beverage.

“I wanted to build it to make people happy,” Boyd told PerthNow

“Me and some mates love drinking VBs, and two to three mates have been bringing empty cans over here every week for the past 14 months.” Read more…

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25 super weird, cheap gifts to get you uninvited to next year’s Christmas party


Sometimes you just want to say f*ck it.

Holiday shopping can be stressful – especially when you’re broke.

Between trying to find the perfect gift and not breaking your tiny budget, it’s easy to think, “What if I never had to do this again?”

Here are 25 gift ideas under $5 almost guaranteed to get you uninvited to next year’s Christmas party.

150 Piece Message in a Bottle Capsule

Image: amazon

Price: $2.31

2Four Piece Novelty Bone Ballpoint Pen

Image: amazon

3Yonger Vent Human Face Anti-stress Ball

Image: amazon

Price: $3.96 Read more…

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30 gift ideas for people who just want to be cozy


You know that friend who’s always cold? Their holiday season is about to get a whole lot cozier.

Any human who values coziness knows it relies on two components: warmth and softness. Once you’ve got those covered, there’s no limit to the coziness you — or your lucky loved one — can achieve on a winter’s afternoon.

Here are 30 of our warmest, softest gift ideas. 

1A soft, soft throw pillow

Image: amazon

Price: $18

2A candle that smells like “sweater weather”

Image: bath and body works

Price: $12.50 Read more…

3A cookbook full of soups

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16 incredible gifts that give back this holiday season


Don’t let the stress of the holiday shopping season get you down this year — there’s plenty of good to go around.

Various companies are giving their products a true philanthropic edge, appealing to consumers who want to give gifts and give back at the same time.

These quality gifts take on the world’s biggest inequalities and most noticeable causes — and all without causewashing. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will.

These 16 gifts will help you make a difference this holiday season. To find more options for those on your holiday list, check out our gift guides from past years for more stellar gifts that give back.  Read more…

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