Purple ‘witch’ hot pot is a thing in Japan right now



Of all the yummy colours a soup could be, perhaps purple isn’t high up on the ranks.

But as winter comes early to parts of Japan, the “witch” hot pot (majo nabe, or 魔女鍋 in Japanese) is starting to trend on social media.

The toxic-looking brew is purple from all the purple veggies that go into it: purple cabbage, yams, broccoli, to name a few.


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Just look at that:

ここで中の人秘蔵の紫野菜(ブロッコリー)・劇的ビフォーアフター写真をご覧いただきましょう。こちらです。魔女鍋風・闇鍋にピッタリです♪ pic.twitter.com/eVgTeODAnM

— (株)国華園【公式】 (@KOKKAEN_PR) November 16, 2016 Read more…

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