7 very serious suggestions for Donald Trump’s ‘First Pet’



As deliberations over presidential cabinet positions rage on, let’s not forget the very important appointment of a “First Dog.” Nearly every U.S. president has had a pet, and although Donald Trump currently doesn’t have one, he reportedly has a deal in the works.

As reported by the The Washington Post, philanthropist Lois Pope, a longtime friend of Trump, has a Goldendoodle puppy she is convinced Trump will take to the White House. Trump reportedly told Pope, “Barron will want him” over the Thanksgiving holiday, but the decision is not yet final, according to a Trump spokesperson.

In case the Goldendoodle doesn’t get hired, we came up with a few suggestions for the First Pet in Trump’s America. All are adoptable animals from Petfinder and would settle into the Oval Office nicely. Read more…

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Here’s a missing ‘Westworld’ scene we wrote to fill in the show’s biggest plot hole



This piece contains spoilers for Westworld, up to and including episode 10.

Westworld‘s first season came to a close, tying together several loops, loose ends and unanswered questions.

Viewers finally learned that William and the Man in Black are in fact the same person, which has been theorized since episode 2. However, having seen William’s transformation from hero to psychopath, we have to wonder what exactly happened when he and Logan went home after their visit.

Yes, Logan’s fate in episode 10 was left undefined — William sends his future brother-in-law off into the sunset, naked and bound on top of a horse — but since Logan was last seen alive onscreen and the fact that William explained his business plans to him, we have to imagine Logan makes it out of Westworld alive. In which case, what the hell did his father and sister think about William’s time in the park? Read more…

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Fill out this job application form to be considered for Trump’s cabinet



President-elect Trump is filling his cabinet with a who’s who of rich crazy people.

From Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to Jeff Sessions, his pick for attorney general, each one of Trump’s selections seems to come with more than a handful of scandals and conflicts. Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, for example, owns a lobbying organization that has received “tens of thousands” of dollars from foreign companies. His Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was a Goldman trader who’s since become a hedge fund manager.

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Rage-fueled beaver declares war on artificial Christmas trees



Beavers have officially joined the war on Christmas.

In Charlotte Hall, Maryland, yesterday, witnesses spotted a lone beaver wandering through the artificial Christmas tree aisle. Perhaps fueled by residual Black Friday rage, the beaver soon began to tear through the Christmas trees and the store, leaving a path of unparalleled destruction in its adorable little wake.

“The suspect attempted to flee the area,” the St. Mary County Sheriff’s Office explained in a statement. The beaver, however, was apprehended by animal control before it could leave the store and chaos even more chaos and pain. Read more…

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Massively hyped video games: Expectations vs. reality



We all know the video game hype cycle: a game is announced, a fancy trailer drops, we pick apart every second of every video released in its marketing, then, finally, the game is released.

You download it, start to play and very suddenly realize that this game isn’t what you quite expected it would be.

This cycle is nothing new; disappointment and the sharp sting of reality are feelings as old as time.

 Take a look at some of the expectations we’ve had for recent popular games compared to the stark reality of what they actually were. Read more…

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Attention staff: The portal to hell in our office kitchen is merely a distraction from the real issues



Thanks everyone for coming to this last minute all-staff meeting, I really appreciate it. 

Before we get into it I have to just announce that yes: we are all aware of the portal to hell that has opened in our office kitchen, flooding the bottom floor with an incredible heat and the tortured screams of lost souls.

What you may not know, however, is that the portal to hell (which has already consumed so many of our dear coworkers) is merely a distraction from the larger issues that threaten this office. Do NOT allow yourself to be distracted by it.

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30 gifts for the person who really believes they can build a time machine and fix 2016



It’s no surprise that 2016 has been a bad year, for so many, many, many reasons.

Some of us have accepted this, while others think there’s got to be a way to stop 2016 from happening the way it did.

A person like that might just be on your holiday shopping list. In that case, here are some ideas of gifts that might help them in their quest to fix a bad, bad year.

1How To Build A Time Machine by Paul Davies

Image: amazon

Price: $14.00
They need to start somewhere.

2Large Hadron Collider

Image: nasa

Price: Not exactly for sale.
But, this will definitely help. Read more…

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Can a drone clear the table?



You spent all night cooking and now you just want to sit back on the couch and watch Netflix. Well, fear not. Just strap a drone on to your tablecloth and watch your dinner table get cleared off in seconds.

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