Instagram models accused of ‘un-Islamic acts’ are being imprisoned in Iran


In Iran, Instagram models are paying a heavy price for the simple posting of a picture.

Twelve people have been sentenced to prison terms of up to six years for posting their photos to the social platform, France 24 reports. Their convictions are part of the Iranian government’s “Spider II” program, which hunts down Iranians seen as doing “un-Islamic acts” online.

So far at least 170 people, from make up artists to models, have been arrested through the operation that launched in March, according to the Associated Press. State-run television has said the new crackdown especially targets Instagram users. Read more…

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This Instagram account needs your McDonald’s sign sunset pics please


Beauty might be all around us, but there’s many of us who don’t immediately think of the golden arches when they think #art.

That’s going to all change though, thanks to an Instagram account called “@Maccas.Sunsets” that features majestic roadside McDonald’s signs, complete with a delicious sunset in the background. 

The account is quite likely Australian, considering the use of the term “Maccas” for McDonald’s.

There’s only one issue though — there’s not many photos on the picturesque account. So maybe you should slide into their DMs.  Read more…

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