Apple Apparently Discontinues iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Apple today removed the iPod nano and iPod shuffle from its website and online store around the world, suggesting the iconic portable media players may be discontinued. Apple continues to sell the iPod touch.

For now, it appears the iPod nano and iPod shuffle are still available to purchase at many Apple Stores and other resellers, but if the devices are indeed discontinued, then that may not be the case much longer. The latest iPod nano started at $149, while the iPod shuffle cost $49, in the United States.

Beyond new colors and storage capacities, Apple had last updated the iPod nano in October 2012 and the iPod shuffle in September 2010. Apple last updated the iPod touch in July 2015 with an 8-megapixel rear camera.

Apple introduced the iPod shuffle in January 2005, followed by the iPod nano in September 2005. In total, there were seven generations of the iPod nano, and four generations of the iPod shuffle.

iPod sales had been declining for several years. Apple reported 2.6 million iPods sold in the fourth quarter of 2014. Since then, Apple has grouped iPod sales under its "Other Products" category in earnings results. iPod sales peaked at 54.8 million in 2008, compared to 14.3 million in 2014.

iPod touch remains the last link to Apple's lineup of iconic portable media players, which late co-founder Steve Jobs first introduced in 2001. The success of the iPod helped Apple reestablish itself as one of the world's most successful technology companies after flirting with bankruptcy in the 1990s.

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