Donald Trump directs his Sunday morning Twitter rant at #Recount2016


Another Sunday, another instance of President-elect Donald Trump using Twitter to wade into a political minefield.

His target: Campaign adversary Hillary Clinton. Although the defeated Democratic candidate has yet to weigh in personally on the Jill Stein-led move to recount voting results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Marc Elias, the general counsel for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, signaled on Sunday that he’ll support and participate in any actions taken.

Although it’s not entirely clear, Trump’s tweets are likely a response to that announcement. Read them and decide for yourself. Read more…

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign will now help Jill Stein’s vote recount


Somehow, 2016 presidential election drama is not quite over. 

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team will now cooperate with a Green Party-led effort to recount ballots in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where the combined margin of victory for President-elect Donald Trump sits at just over 100,000 votes. The margin is small, but still much too large for the recount effort to provide hope for Clinton supporters. Concerns about voting booth hacking has fueled a grassroots-funded attempt to investigate the results in those states. 

Trump won in an eye-popping upset on Nov. 8, taking a series of states in the upper midwest thought to be Democratic strongholds.  Read more…

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