Guy volunteers for a cycling event, ends up rescuing a drowning koala


Sometimes being an event volunteer means doing some questionable tasks — but we’re pretty sure that rescuing a drowning koala might be a career first.

Muzammil Patel was volunteering at an Australian cycling event in Apollo Bay, Victoria, when he became more of an MVP than anyone on two wheels that day.

As he explained to the ABC, Patel was alerted to a koala in the nearby Barham River but upon calling wildlife rescue, was told it would take at least 30 minutes to get there.

So Patel gallantly jumped into the river to save the struggling marsupial himself. First by branch, then when that didn’t work, by simply grabbing it like a kitten. Read more…

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Super cute baby koala and mother just hanging out, looking like stuffed toys


There’s little wonder why Australia’s koalas keep getting compared to teddy bears, thanks to their beadlike eyes and big, slightly comical noses.

Particularly when you look at this koala joey Tarni, pictured hanging on the back of its mother in a Facebook post by Perth Zoo in Australia.

Tarni is the first koala to be bred successfully at the zoo in 15 years, where he was born in May, but has only just started appearing in public.

“The successful birth is the result of matchmaking Perth Zoo’s male koala, ‘Slater’ with a new female, ‘Wanda,’ who arrived from Taronga Zoo,” according to a zoo spokesperson in a statement to the West AustralianRead more…

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