Larry Bird just turned 60, so let’s talk about his iconic 60-point game in 1985


There’s a weirdly introspective aspect to seeing your sports heroes age, and it hit again Wednesday. 

Make no mistake, Larry Bird was always old to most of us of a certain age — but he was never that old. If you’re in your 20s or 30s today, he was the guy who came right before Jordan and Shaq and the other hoops heroes who hooked us as kids and made us sports fans for life. Bird was the just over the horizon in the rearview mirror — but still within signal range. 

Now he’s old old, which has unfortunate implications for the rest of us as well. Yup, Bird turned 60 on WednesdaySixty! Where do the years go? But enough sentimental rumination. This is also a time to look back.  Read more…

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