23 comedians and writers to follow who will help you survive the Trump era



We’re sorry America, but for many of you, your deepest, darkest nightmare has finally come true: the questionably coherent reality television star of white nationalist dreams has officially become leader of the free world. Donald Trump is president.

It’s been less than a month since Trump won the election, and Americans everywhere are looking for signs of hope and reassurance. Sure, there’s no data to support a theory of hope (just spend a nanosecond on Trump’s Twitter, before closing your eyes very tight). But there are writers and comedians on Twitter who can provide something close to it, and remind you that there are other caring, reasonable people out there — sort of like you. Read more…

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17 terrible Amazon Cyber Monday deals to remind you Cyber Monday kinda sucks



Another year, another disappointing Cyber Monday from Amazon.

Frequent online shoppers and deal hunters alike get excited at the idea of a day filled with internet bargains. But when it comes down to it, most of the deals aren’t big screen TVs and new gadgets; it’s useless crap that nobody wants or needs.

We love the idea of Cyber Monday, but sifting through crap and waiting for deals, a tactic Amazon loves to employ, should be left to the mall.

Your chairs need socks this holiday, too. Just $11.19

Image: amazon 

Original price: $37.98 Read more…

Quick, this Mystery Machine pet costume is only $18.69

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